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Thread: The "NEW" Logo on vintage figures

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    The "NEW" Logo on vintage figures

    So I have heard from many different people that this "NEW" logo means that this was the first release of a figure in a new wave. But I have no idea if this is true. Why are some figures like prince Adam more sought after that have the new on it vs the one that doesn't. Can someone please break me off a piece of knowledge here as I don't think I'm getting the proper info.

    What's the difference between a figure that has the word new on it vs one that doesn't and does it effect the value of certain figures and lastly, are there any exceptions to the rule. Some please school me. Thanks in advance for bringing this to light for me.
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    the new logo with adam was in every series after 3 cause he was a good seller/on tv every week and he had a another comic  photo 007.jpg my youtube chanel with my he-man collection please take a look and subscribe always updating my motu

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