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    How did you discover "The New Adventures of He-Man"?

    When did you first become aware of "The New Adventures of He-Man"? Was it the show? Did you see the figures in a store? Did someone buy you a figure? Did a friend have a figure? Were you aware that NA He-Man was on his way before the show or the figures were introduced to the world? What was your first impression? Have your feelings changed at all over the years?

    Having been out of the MOTU loop for a few years, I recall seeing the figures in an "Ames" department store circa 1990 and stopping dead in my tracks thinking, "pffffffttt......what kinda crap is this? How dare they try to pass this off as He-Man. Kids today just don't have a clue." LOL!

    It wasn't until discovering this site about five years ago that I learned to appreciate this era in He-Man history and accept it for what it is. I own the DVDs for this series (and all the others as well) but still have yet to add a single figure to my collection. This WILL change eventually and if you had told me in 1990 that 20 years from now, I'd wish I had purchased those figures I saw in Ames, I would have accused you of having a brain the size of those figures.
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