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Thread: Race To The Border (Chapter One)

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    Race To The Border (Chapter One)

    Just the introduction to my first bit of Masters fan fiction. I'll add more as I write it.

    At the centre of the universe, at the border between the light and the dark, stands Castle Grayskull. For countless ages, the Sorceress of Grayskull has kept the universe in harmony. But the armies of darkness do not rest, and the capture of Grayskull is ever most in their minds. For to those who control Grayskull will come the power, the power to be supreme. The power to be almighty, the power to be MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.


    “I can't believe that they made me his bodyguard. I'm better than all of the other recruits put together. I should be leading a squad of Men-At-Arms instead of being Adam's nursemaid”.

    Duncan frowned, his daughter had a valid point, she was consistently the best of the latest batch of recruits but the King and Queen believed that someone who had been a friend of their son's would be less likely to fall for some of his tricks. Of course his daughter had taken the news badly. “Listen to me, Teela. The King and Queen have good reasons for having Adam guarded by someone. The fact that they selected someone just out of training is a honor”. He smiled at the frown on his daughter's face. “I know it doesn't seem like it but a order is a order”.

    Teela grimaced. “I understand, father. I'll go and tell the Prince that I've been assigned to him”. She walked off towards the royal quarters.

    Duncan wondered if he could convince Randor and Marlena to change their minds. He knew that with Teela watching him like a hawk he would have problems if and when he needed to change into He-Man. Chances were that he would have to work something out for that eventuality.

    Duncan frowned as a beeping noise interrupted his train of thought. A tap at the side of his helmet activated the inbuilt comms array. “Sir, we have a problem”.

    Duncan frowned. “What is the situation?”.

    “Beast-Man has escaped”.

    Duncan barely stopped himself from cursing down the comm-link. The Men-At-Arms had enough trouble capturing the criminal in the first place. Five of his best troops had been hospitalised by the savage man-beast and the idea of him being on the loose again was not a good thing. “Very well, lock down the area between the prison and the border. Was there any casualties”.

    There was a pause. “We have three dead but they were killed by who or whatever broke Beast-Man out of prison. Whoever it was didn't show up on security cameras”.

    Duncan realised that there was a few possibilities for the being who released Beast-Man. Rumours from Intelligence that Evil-Lyn had recruited a agent who used some sort of light-refracting technology seemed to be more true than he had suspected. If so, the witch's forces had a definite advantage over the forces of light.

    He switched his communicators frequency to a seldom-used frequency before speaking. “Report to the armoury, we have a priority one situation”.
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