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Thread: I have storyboarded Masters among other things.

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    I have storyboarded Masters among other things.

    I took some time and thought this year to storyboard some (potential) movies, in a perfect story telling form. With all the character structure and classic elements too.

    Transformers 1+2, Robotech 1+2, Masters of the Universe 1+2.

    I concider these to be the best stories of all time, or at least of the great 80's minds that thought them up.

    The movies all have an ending, very significant music and a message.

    I put them on my facebook.
    ...and the Masters movie boards are in my profile picture album.

    I just dont know what to do with paper movies?
    How do I get them made?

    Does anyone have Speilburg's number, or James Cameron?

    Anyway I can tell you anything you want to know about Masters.

    Paul Lynds
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