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Thread: Create-A-Character: Our own universe

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    Create-A-Character: Our own universe


    Hey folks, if you havent checked out the Fan Art forum lately, There is much going on in the interest of fan created characters.

    So, there are not too many spots available for the actual winner of a new figure to incorporate in the line, but that doesn't mean that there aren't tons of great ideas out there. After all, we've all had 30 years to think of a character of our own to insert into the mythos of MOTU.

    I'd like this thread to be a place where we can see eachother's ideas; where we can share our ambitious imagination with others in the hope to personalize or improve the story of He-Man VS Skeletor.

    I'll start by posting some of th art I've done for some of the Org members who took up my offer, and some of my own ideas as well.

    I hope to see tons of ideas, even if you dont have art to share, I'd love to see the bios you've come up with. PM me if you want me to render your character into MOTU art)

    Taliss-Man is the secretive Guardian of the Spectral Helm. Once one of the Elders of Eternia, he, like the Faceless-One, have vowed to protect powerful and sacred artifacts from the clutches of evil.

    Wolfsfang is actually a human called Garrett, a member of a race of wolf like beings called Lupians, who turns into Wolfsfang by wearing the mystical gauntlets. He is the only one of his race who can do this because he is the reincarnation of the original Wolfsfang who died circa 1000 years ago. ( sample story, but it may change depending on Wolfsfang's ideas)

    Charlie, the Brother of PYRE, shares in his power to control extreme heat. Though PYRE's strength comes from harnessing the power of a dying star, Charr's powers are less of a threat to his allies in their diluted state; his power comes from the connection to his brother, an indirect source to the power of the dying star.

    A member of the horde, Anguish gains strength from inflicting pain on himself. He is the master of misery.

    A fallen eternian soldier and assistant to Man-At-Arms in the lab, Tech-Treck has been clad with the very same technology he has helped Man-At-Arms supply for enhancement of the Masters.
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