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People out there in internetland should spend less time trying to think up fan characters to insert into existing properties and MORE time developing their own characters and concepts. I've been doing it for twenty or more years and, although I don't make any money at it, it is very fun knowing that the ones I make are mine. Also keeps the imagination sharp.

That, and ones out there with the ambition and money can always try and make their own franchise in the entertainment industry whether it be a series of novels, a TV live action show, a cartoon or movies. Seriously, we need fan talent to start developing cool stuff considering all Hollywood can churn out is crap soap opera vampires and remakes of things that have come before.
Well how much money does it take to try and sell an idea? I honestly don't know the answer to that or I wouldn't have asked. Just seems that if one is taking their idea to a publisher or producer it would be made on it's own merits. I could see self publishing being a bit pricey though.