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Thread: WTFWTK 2.68 - Ask your questions here!

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    The 2012 price hike was played as a response/solution to the fact that the current numbers weren't enough to get us Castle GS and that there wasn't enough money for Dreago Man's accessories. But now we are hearing that neither of these will be happening even though there will still be a price hike. Can you confirm what the new price will be and also explain why you are raising prices when you've said that even though sub sales were lower they were more than robust enough to keep the line going in its current form just without new items.
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    Are there any priorities on Filmation characters, say fan demanded characters with few appearances as opposed to lesser demanded important characters but who have many more appearances?
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    My question is if Mattel can sell alternate heads (no body, just the head) in their Barbie fashionista's line to little kids. Why is an alternate head pack sold to an adult line for MOTUC considered morbid?

    Mattel is currently selling individual heads to attach to their little girl's barbie fashionista's line and this line isn't even an adult collectors line. Seems to be a contradiction by Mattel regarding head packs in MOTUC.

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