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Thread: Trollan Croc-Lion in MOTUC

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    Trollan Croc-Lion in MOTUC

    I was looking at photos of the MOTUC Griffin a moment ago, thinking about buck reuse when it hit me. There is one more way to reuse an articulated Cringer buck: the croc-lion creature from Dawn of Dragoon!

    I know it must count as one of the most obscure creatures in MOTU, but I genuinely think it would make a fun toy. He only needs a new head and tail if/when a new Cringer buck is made. I'd even suggest him as a pack-in with Dragoon, if he was made a SDCC exclusive. (Dragoon himself could be made mostly from reused parts, which saves tooling costs.)
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    I'm all for it, especially if it comes with Dragoon.

    "Dawn of Dragoon" is one of my favorite FILMation episodes and Dragoon is one of my most wanted FILMation characters!!
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    Nothing is too obscure!
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    After I read this, I clicked 'Home' and went to Yahoo, and this was on the front page.


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    that is cool looking

    the King needs his Queen and pet! Queen Veena and Battle Lion for MOTUC!

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    Hmmm... Could be funny. I'm not holding my breath though.
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