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    Illumina Day!

    This idea was inspired by a suggestion in the MattyCollector Illumina thread I read from Bruticus and I have been working on it since then.

    Tonight, I'm ready to introduce Illumina Day!

    Direct image URL:

    This is a fun event meant for fans of Illumina to help spread the word about the character and show your support for her. You can take part in this even if you had no idea who she was before reading this thread. If you think she and/or her cat would make a cool figure in MOTUC, you should take part!

    You can check out my site if you have questions about the event:


    (You can find signature banners and advertisement posters there as well)

    The main image to re-post on other message boards should make everything pretty clear. I hope you guys participate!

    Direct image URL:

    I only have a limited amount of posters, but I love this one and had to share it here:

    Direct image URL:
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    Take part in Illumina Day! Let people know who she is and help get her in MOTUC.

    You can join the Illumina Facebook page here!

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