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Just a heads up. When the regular episodes of Roast Gooble Dinner are caught back up (I just need to get through this next week of craziness with Marvel and DC deadlines), I'm starting a new segment called Roast Gooble Late Night Snack.

This is going to be a 10 to 15 minute segment where any fan can call in and talk to me directly to express their opinions about MOTU and POP, including the current toys, comics, etc.
Sorry, it won't be a platform to rag on Scott, other fans, etc. But you can express frustrations about Digital River ordering/shipping problems, QC errors with figures, etc.

If you want to be featured on Late Night Snack, post your interest here and I'll contact you via PM to set something up. Recordings will need to adapt to my schedule and when I can do them (usually later at night, hence the title of the segment). I may also may pick people out of order, but I'll do my best to get to everyone eventually who is interested in being on the show.
When you are already snowed under with work the best thing you can do is add more work