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Thread: MOTUC Confessions

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    MOTUC Confessions

    Okay, guys, it's time for us to confess our evil, horrible opinions that prove definitively that we are not, indeed, true He-Fans. Because no true fan of the property could share these opinions.

    Here, I'll start:

    -I love Demo-Man's neon green coloring. Love it enough to display him shirtless sometimes.

    -I have no problem with Stinkor's forearms, although I understand why some other people might.

    -I wish that, instead of sending themn to Big Lots, Mattel shipped me about 10 Moss-Men so I could just line them up next to my cat's litterbox and freshen the air a little.

    -I think Evil-Lyn v1 is garish and ugly, and looks terrible.

    -I display Mer-Man with his happy muppet cardback head, not his catlike vintage head.

    -I don't care about Spirit of Hordak at all. No strong feelings for, none against.

    -I think that Mo-Larr is really funny, but the diorama needs to be kept intact for the joke to work.

    -I like my pizzas with extra cheese.

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    - I pose my two 8 inch Thundercats figures with my heroic warriors.

    - I still don't like the concept, but Might Spector is a fun figure.

    - The Faceless one is riding my Griffin. I didn't want to break up my evil warriors shelf.

    - There are only two figures I've bought multiples of for different display options- Queen marlena/ Captain Gleen and Vykron for the Sweet Trio.

    - BG Evil Lyn is on my main evil warriors shelf; the original version is on my variant shelf.

    - I keep the copy of Exlopdar magazine (from mo-lar) next to Wun-Dar on the side of my 200x Grayskull.
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    Oooh I've got a real bad one...

    --I think custom figures almost always look bad. Even when the idea is great, even when the design is better than the actual figure, it always ends up looking crusty and uneven.
    It's just too hard to get paint to look good when applied over the original paint-- it's always too thick, or the under colors show through. And I always think about how the figure is basically ruined because surely most modifications don't hold up well when handled.

    I certainly appreciate the spirit of customizing, and I have touched up a few of my Star Wars figures in the past, but that's always been to correct mistakes, and I always have a very light
    touch. There are a few masters of customizing out there who do beautiful work. And I know tons of people enjoy creating and collecting them, and that's awesome. But for my taste, I've
    seen very very few that I would spend any money on.

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    I love NA , support NA and hate the fact that Mara won the vote
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    This is a fantastic thread!

    1) I love, absolutely LOVE Sir Laser Lot and will be so happy when his "brother" Extendar will standing by his side on my shelf

    2) I think Spector is a-ok (esp after I customized him)

    3) I think the female crotch pieces have been FINE

    4)I think Panthor unflocked is better than flocked and Motuc design made the best choice

    5)Besides major issues like Black plastic and minor assorted issues over the last few years, this line has been OVERWHELMINGLY EXCELLENT QC wise--if it wasn't it wouldn't have made it this long

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    Oh I got tons. Basically this line is perfectly tailored to me, an "Untrue" fan because I love it all.

    I really like Mighty Spector. He's a cool additon.

    For that matter I think I'm least impressed by Draego Man out of the 30'th figures becuase while He is absolutely beautiful and super cool, he is obviously the least MOTUC of the bunch. But I love all of them because they are all supercool and some of the coolest figures.

    I use the vintage head on Stinkor, and the 200x/cardback head on Merman.

    I absolutely love the prototype figures like Demo Man, Vykor, & Vykron. They are perfect.

    I absolutely love the Star Sisters, which even I was supprised by. They are basically perfect.

    I can't stand Netossa. But hey, I bought her and am happy to have her (in the back) and I think her having that sword is going to bump her up in my estimation (though I still cant stand her name)

    I love Robot Chicken and that Mo-Larr Boxset is absolutely hilarious and beautiful. Only thing I cant open, because it is so perfect as it is.

    I prefer the skirts on the ladies. They look like skirts to me. Skirts are cooler than leotards in most cases.

    I think the Sorceress is a great figure, and I like how her wings fan out like that.

    I think both versions of Evil Lyn are great, and I feel no need for any additional "200x" versions, sense I feel I got that.

    For that matter, I love the vintage heads and kinda wish Jitsu was more "vintage" head wise.

    Songster has been in my top ten since basically the begining.

    I dont mind fixing the toys here and there like minor paint aps, or switching out Frosta's arms. Still considering doing that with Stinkor, but not that bothered by his. Actually kinda fun fixing them. Only one I couldnt fix was Carnivus because his gold apps I just couldnt match correctly, so Mattel thoughtfully sent me a new one promptly. I got to keep the old one and gave him to a friend who didnnt have him and didnt mind the paint app issue. Thanks Matty!

    I think Scott is obviously a real fan and has our best interests in mind even though he still works for Mattel first and formost. I do not begrudge him anything.

    I love the bios. Sure some of the "real names" are bizzare or silly, and I ignore them. But I can ignore them. So far the bios have done nothing but make me love MOTUC more and more. I always wanted a all inclusive line and story that melded them all together.

    Goodness, I cannot think of anymore right now. Will wait till more people comment.

    EDIT: Forgot Panthor wasnt flocked. Yeah, that turns out to be just fine.
    EDIT 2: My Green Goddess did finally break at the groin. But with my impeccable skills of toy/model repair, I actually was able to frankenstien her back together. She's fine now, and I still love this figure tons.
    EDIT 2 Part 2: I love the minicomics and hope that Son of He-Man is what is comming next, and continues in MOTUC. All the new designs are awesome and cant wait to get them.
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    - I think most of the Heroic Warriors are bland and boring.

    - I love multi-packs and wish all quarterly items from here until the end of the line were such packs to get us as many figures as possible.

    - I find Teela and He-Man have horrible face sculpts. At first they were okay but now, they just turn me off. Would much prefer to have Filmation heads to replace their toy heads.

    - I'm honestly fine with figures only having 1 head and only the accessories they came with in the vintage line.

    - I still want mini-comics over extra accessories or heads. I just don't like all the extra parts that need to be stored away for safe keeping. Mini-comics would have gone a long way to making us love the less popular characters.

    - Many times, I prefer getting new characters over the same character for the 2nd or 3rd time.

    - I tend to prefer characters released near the end of the line over those at the start of it. That's why I honestly never cared about getting the 12-back right away in MOTUC, or can do with waiting for Glimmer or Queen Angella in favor of characters like Scare Glow, Mosquitor, Snake Face, Spinnerella.

    - Exploding Goddess aside, the only defects that truly bother me are the ones preventing the figures from being able to sit down.

    - I would have paid $100 for a Megator/Tytus/Procrustus if they were as tall as Granamyr.

    - I'm really not looking forward to a Stridor if the rumors are true. I find horses to be so boring as beasts. Bring on the dinos or Mantisaur instead!
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    • I love seeing prototype/concept figures and stuff. It probably comes from me really enjoying "what-could-have-been" behind the scenes stuff, and seeing it realized is awesome for me, even if I didn't know about most of them ahead of time.
    • I can't wait to read the bios. There are elements I don't like, some real names are more ridiculous than the names we're used to and I don't like Teela being a clone, but I still love reading them.
    • I like both Filmation and 200X inspired stuff a lot, though for different reasons (I want Filmation Marzo and 200X Sorceress, not the current versions). I do still think they all should fit in the Classics style.
    • I'm not a New Adventures fan, I own the show along with all the others, but it feels to me like a generic 80's/90's sci-fi show that someone slapped the He-Man name on at the last second for marketing purposes. However, I accept it as part of the franchise and am legitimately excited to see when a new core New Adventures figure is revealed.
    • If a variant was made purely for the toyline, I absolutely hate it. The only variants I would be okay with are things like Snake Armor He-Man because it actually had presence in a show. I made an exception for King He-Man, but I think it helps that it's a logical variant, even if we never saw it. I don't understand why the Most Powerful Man in the Universe needs variants where he punches or uses a different weapon, but a variant where the Prince grew up to be King is just obvious.
    • As long as a character has existed in the past, no character is too silly or obscure for me. I don't think the chef or the clown should be high priority, but I would not be disappointed to see them.
    • I have an extremely small collection, and I only display three of those figures: Man-at-Arms, Dekker, and King He-Man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkangel View Post
    I love NA , support NA and hate the fact that Mara won the vote
    pretty much this

    - I don't care about Imp
    - I strongly dislike the Hover Robots
    - Even if I like some of the filmation characters the show is just meh. I had this line of thought when I was 7 and I am now that I'm 29. Most europeans are more connected with the minicomics stroies respect filmations episodes.


    - I think that all the 30th anniversary figures are just off except for fearless photog that had the right to be there for his motu history. Instead of thinking something sober and in line with the first waves of 80s motu they overthought the entire project creating characters that has to stood out someway (go big and then go bigger policy dont work in most cases)...the resullt was sll, draegoman, spector and...

    - castle grayskull man is so cheesy i had a lactose intolerance (even if I think Daniel Benedict is a hell of a guy!)
    - terry higuchi should never had the opportunity to work on this line and his work ruined some skuds with cy chop and vykron (remember he designed also the snap on attachments!)
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    I love NA and they are some of my favorite figures in the line.

    I don't like the yellow skin Evil Lynn

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    I love this line but wish it was thought out more.

    I hate that there are distinct "styles" within this line.

    I would kill to have seen a better mesh of "classic" and 200X.

    I wish that the POP fgures would have skewed more toward the toy designs so we wouldnt have had as many leotard issues.

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    I love Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor and have the diorama on my top shelf. I squeal like a little girl every time Robot Chicken does a MOTU skit.

    I am MEH on Madame Razz, the Twiggets, Loo-kee, Orko, Dree Elle, and many of the other beloved "cute" characters of the line. Exceptions are the Peleezeans.

    I don't mind new takes on MOTU, whether it's comics, bios, customs, or whatever. More imagination juice added to the property just makes it more alive. There may be one or two specific things about how a certain take is done that bother me, but the principle of re-inventing stuff and making it different from what I knew as a child just doesn't bother me. Nor do I think that having other, related properties, like POP and NA dilute or diminish MOTU. A bigger universe is a bigger playground.

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    -I think Blade looks wayyyyy too detailed to fit in with most other figures.

    -Snake MAA is awesome imo

    -concept figures interest me more than anything else

    -I hate the mini figures. Don't write it anywhere because there is enough negativity on the boards

    -Grayskull is absolutely amazing!

    -I have my whole basement set up as my he-man room and my girlfriend is good enough to let me but also hates

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    I seriously dislike Spector, Cy-Chop and SLL

    I think Frosta looks really good as is, she is a top 10 favorite and my like second favorite Female after Teela.

    No secret, but I really don't like the NA figures except maybe Optikk.

    I hate the 3 fingered hands and goofy fish face of Mer-Man, would have preferred a more Filmation head.

    I like the 200X accessories on Stinkor over his Vintage look.

    I really don't like the 200X style coming into classics, the characters are OK, but I can't stand the Steroidal aesthetics of them.

    I love Filmation, but did not want Plundor, or really Nepthu, I think Negator would have been much better, he even had two appearances on the show.

    I like the Females Skirt / tunic whatever they can be called as they are, I am glad to not see leotards.

    I hate the fruit basket on the back of Fisto to hold a damn sword I didn't even want over his smaller Vintage sword. I also don't like the flat silver abs, bad choice in my opinion.

    Trap Jaw is my #1 MOTU figure, so he is also my #1 MOTUC.

    I don't like the idea of Snake Man-At-Arms at all, but I like the buck minus the Snake head, mine is donning the stached Duncan head instead.

    I don't like the BA Skeletor buck at all, I have a loose Mo-Larr set Skeletor, and he is wearing the Battle Armor, my BA buck is in storage.

    I don't like Sy-Klone much, very blah, but since putting him in a Flight Stand in his Tornado flying pose....I like him much more. Standing posed....blah.

    I prefer the more Filmation looks of the TRU 2-Pack Zodac to the Vintage claw feet and unpainted forearms.

    I don't care much for many of the Weapons Pack accessory choices, many are either useless to me or like the Clawful Mace....something we have.

    I like the Classics Vintage Hordak much better than I thought I would....but still prefer the Filmation aesthetics....with a correct Filmation head, thus I made 2 attempts at a custom, my 2.0 attempt, succeeded beyond my hopes. But still want an official Filmation correct version.

    Griffin is awesome, I like him much more than Battle Cat and Panthor.

    Fighting Foe Man....I really only like Ditzy.... Sherrilyn is among my very bottom tier rankings.

    I turned Karatti into a Hordesman....with mix and match parts because I hate that he has bulging purple abs below his beltline (and the fact I could not sell him).....and the

    I think a 200X head pack is crap without all eras being considered for getting one too.

    I think Panthor not being flocked was the best way to go

    I would have loved an unflocked Moss Man to be an option.

    I think because of adding the articulated thighs TOD Sorceress look better than the original Sorceress....while I love Sorceress got the correct Filmation style boots, TOD Sorceress rocks the Teela boots.

    I hate the non articulated Female Thighs

    I don't like that they removed the Female boot cut

    I don't understand the fact that other than a couple Females they can't make a lady with the proper rump....

    I love that Frosta got new thighs that actually have a backside sculpted in.... Yet no one else has?

    I corrected both Stinkor's and Frosta's forearms....

    I prefer the Vintage toy mask over the Bubble Power She-Ra 1.0 She-Ra is wearing the BP armor with the toy head, and my 2.0 is normal She-Ra.

    I don't like how disproportionate Leech is, a Filmation head would have made a good difference.

    I don't understand why they would give She-Ra a gold sword and shield instead of a silver one.

    I don't get why the new FIlmation Power Sword is not more like She-Ra's but with a male handle, and no crystal.

    I hate the Bl-ass-tic Saga in MOTUC history.

    When I got Classics Faker, I was fulfilling an almost 30 year old childhood desire to own him. I never got to own him as a kid, and was one of my most wanted toys....

    I think Dactys doesn't fit in Classics as he was done....I'll reserve final judgement for when I finally get my stuff hopefully next week. But I really don't see my mind changing.

    I want Fang-Or much more than I want Extendar or ones like that except Dragstor.

    I think Buzzsaw Hordak would be a waste of a figure, mainly due to the line not having gimmicks, pack in a Buzzsaw acc and a new armor for the regular Hordak, and bam, Buzzsaw Hordak.

    I think that's it....

    I know it's a lot....but you asked!
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    -I started actively collecting this line because of Netossa and she is still my favorite figure so far

    -I love pop but I would perfectly happy to never get twigglets and loo-kee

    -I think Simpsons Evil Lyn looks cooler with the evil warriors than BG Evil Lyn

    -I liked the comb weapons as a clever nod to the vintage pop dolls

    -I display Snout Spout with the Great Rebellion not the Heroic Warriors

    -I don't mind that the leotards end up skirts

    -I like that the pop characters look more like their filmation counterparts and not the vintage dolls

    -I'm ok with the scale of Cringer and that he's a staction

    -I prefer that my heroic warriors match the MYP cartoon roster
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    I think Sky High and Sky sled are one of the best packs ever. And my confession...I was playing a lot with both since they arrived.

    I don't like the original Teela's head Instead I have BG teela head on the regular Teela's body

    Snout spout is a member of the horde in my canon

    I hate that there are so many different canons. I am with the ones who think the best canon is the one you create yourself.

    I don't like the palace guards, I am always moving them around and I can not find a fixed place in my shelves.

    I used to be a POP detractor. I was not comfortable with so many female figures in my collection but Netossa and Castaspella make me want to start collecting POP ladies.

    I still can't accept the NA stile but Flogg is awesome.

    I think the 30 anniversary line was awful except for Draego man

    I think CG should be released after all figures were done, like the last item.

    I always hated Plundor since I was a child, seeing him as a figure really bothers me

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    I like Dawg-O-Tor way better than some core vintage characters like Man-E-Faces, Stratos and Webstor

    I don't hate 200x but I don't like it when 200x details creep into a Classics figure - unless I can hide it in some way
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    I absolutely adore the 30th anniversary series. All of them. They really hit home for me in capturing that feeling when you'd see a new toy catalog or walk into a store and see a bunch of new weirdos on pegs. There's a real toyetic appeal and I can visualize what action features they would have had as vintage toys.

    Similarly, I'd rather have a mini-sub of these new comic characters than any existing vintage stuff.

    I was extremely irritated about the initial "200X style is retired" ordeal a few years back, but now I really don't care much at all.

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    • Even if I strongly dislike the 200X design I have the 200X head on Moss Man, its sculpt is beautiful
    • I really hate when some faces resembles too much actual persons, i.e. Icarius
    • I love Photog
    • I think Leech's head is a green Donald Duck
    • I'm starting to loathe TJ's legs, they're everywhere
    • I hate KG, too generic and plain
    • I wish Stinkor had a stronger patchouli's scent
    • I hate Cy-Chop more than Spector

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanoFatato View Post
    • Even if I strongly dislike the 200X design I have the 200X head on Moss Man, its sculpt is beautiful
    Me too. His is the only 200x element I use on display. Way better than the Beast Man head (although that Beast Man head was meant for use with Beast Man armor - without that it looks malformed)
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    1) He's not my all time favorite or anything, but I like the Mighty Spector, I have no problem with him being in the line and I find a Masters of the Universe character that looks like a super-hero a 1000 times less ridiculous than a Masters of the Universe character that looks like a cowboy or has a 16mm camera for a head (and that's not to say I don't like Rio Blast or Photog--it's just to say those are way more out of place and ridiculous concepts than the Mighty Spector).

    2) Outside of a small handful like Hordak, Clawful and Tung Lashor I don't get the demand for Filmation variants. I have zero interest in a Filmation He-Man or Teela where the differences are unbelievably insignificant to me. And if they ever do Filmation Clawful or Tung I hope they make them new/different characters like they treated Vikor.

    3) It's never upset me, I accept it as canon, and until I really thought about it I thought the family ties backstory/drama was cool, but the more I think about it the more I think Skeletor is cooler as some sort of supernatural demon/force of evil rather than as a transformed humanoid connected to the House of Randor named Keldor. One of my biggest problems is by making He-Man and Skeletor related this feels like it made their rivalry less personal instead of more (which making it more personal is typically a key point when having enemies share a bloodline). In the old days no matter who Skeletor was fighting you knew at the heart of it all that his deepest hatred was for He-Man and that He-Man was the one person he wanted revenge on and to see suffer more than any other. But in the post Keldor era this seems to make less sense and it seems like if there is anyone in the universe Skeletor/Keldor would hate above all others that at the heart of his deepest animosity it would be either Randor or Miro. Given the Keldor backstory I feel like if Skeletor had a choice between killing either He-Man or Randor, he might choose He-Man because it's a smarter strategy but deep down he'd rather be exacting revenge upon his brother Randor. That said I really like my Keldor figures.

    4) I love Filmation and think that it is very much the core of the mythology today but I wish Masters had stayed more prehistoric feeling and less medieval (That just felt like a much more dangerous and mysterious world, plus that's why they had furry shorts). But...

    5) Orko is one of my 3 favorite MOTU characters and that's why I accept He-man being more of a prince and less of a barbarian.

    6) I was happy to stand in line a few years ago at San Diego to get my Mo-Larr and I'll be happy in a couple of weeks to stand in line and get my Standor.

    7) Why is it that in 5000 years it seems like nothing has changed on Eternia in terms of fashion and technology? 5000 years ago during the Grayskull era there were lasers and people dressed up in armored knight outfits yet 5000 years later in modern day Eternia there are still men and creatures running around in furry shorts dressed like cavemen and fighting with battle axes. And while we're on the topic how freaking small is Eternia if you can run around from one side of the planet to the other, crossing all the various kingdoms, in a relatively short period of time, riding on the back of a giant sabertooth? And why is Randor "King of Eternia"? Is Obama President of Earth?

    8) Regardless of the Sorceress wings and the chair design it was always my intention to pose Skeletor on my Castle Grayskull thrown. The Sorceress's job is to protect the thrown of power, not to claim it.

    9) I've yet to be really bothered by reverse shoulders.

    10) Even as a little kid I was more often annoyed by than what I was pleased with most play features. Those power punches and spring action kicks were cool for the first 5minutes but after that I just wanted to be able to play with my figures my own way without having limited movement or accidental actions due to the play feature.

    11) I hope some day beyond 2016 we get figures from the Christmas special.

    12) More vehicles would be great but right now if I was to put together a list of the top 70 or 80 items I'd like to still be included in Classics probably only two of them would be vehicles.

    13) Forget sticking around Eternia with all it's giant monsters and creepy skull and snake castles. I would have asked to be banished to Despondos where there are lots of friendly natives, beautiful women with a great female to male ratio, and rich vastly colored forests and trees. Too bad the Horde had to move in and ruin it ("they took our jobs" ). Man that King Grayskull sure was a short sighted jerk. If I was an Etherian I'd be spitting on his monument/namesake castle every time I visited Eternia.
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    - I prefer getting characters we've never seen in figure form over completing the rosters of existing characters

    - I think the Horde has enough canon members as it is and that we don't need to shoehorn unrelated characters into it or make every other evil fancharacter a Hordesman

    - I don't mind at all that we're getting Plundor

    - I would like it much, much better if the Foe Men were released simply as vehicle pilots rather than throwing them into an unrelated faction that they don't look like they belong in

    - I prefer Skeletor as an Infinitan rather than Keldor

    - I don't like the Despara concept. At all. Give me the UK comic Force Captain Adora any day

    - I like the idea of the Heroic Warriors being independent good guys who occasionally team up better than them being a team

    - I didn't mind Octavia's leotard design, as I thought that it made her look distinct from the other female characters (now that they're trying to do all leotards this way, though...)

    - I like Cy-Chop

    - I like Standor and I think he fits fine with the rest of the characters, head and all, if you ignore who he's supposed to be

    - I won't be upset if we never get a Filmation Hordak, and I like the look we've got better anyway
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    - I like some of the non-vintage figures more than some of the vintage figures, like Demo Man and the yellow Snakeman

    -I like variants of He-Man and Skeletor more than some new characters

    - I don't care for female characters besides Evil Lyn, Shokoti and the Green Goddess

    - I want some weapon variants more than new weapons like the magenta Faker stuff

    -I'm bored by many new figures, like King Grayskull, Chief Carnivus, Vykron, Plundor

    -I didn't support the line with buying subs, even at it's darkest hour

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    -If I had to sell my collection tomorrow the only figure I'd keep out of them all is Dragon Blaster Skeletor.

    -A "Son of He-Man" mini sub is way cooler than any other sub possibly in the works.

    -The only "real" 30th Anniversary figures that were believable to me were Photog and Cy-Chop (if you replaced the scissor hands with Horde Prime's)

    -I think the mini comics are hella cool

    -Shadow Weaver, Fisto, Ram-Man, are all way over priced.

    -I think King He-Man is perfect as is.

    -I might be regretting my 2014 sub purchase.

    -I think ToyGuru puts up with a lot of "Poo."
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    Sell me your Unnamed One, keep Son of He-Man going I need a Dare/Hero II now.

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