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Starburst She-Ra is currently my most-wanted variant for MOTUC.

I want her to have her SB armor be a removable feature, with the vintage She-Ra doll bodice/skirt underneath. She would need to come with the pink sword and shield, and the SB headpiece, with is a different color than BP She-Ra's. If they're feeling super friendly, they can throw the original toy She-Ra's headpiece in as well, tho I image that would come in a weapons pack.

I personally would buy three. One to be SB She-Ra, one to wear the BP armor, and another to just be the classic toy version.

And hey, I'm sure many others would double or triple dip, too. So forget the weapons pack, this set needs to include both headpieces!

OMG! I hadn't thought of it that way. I'd buy three too!!!