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Thread: Starburst She-Ra

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    Yeah, having SB She-Ra as the New Adventures era She-Ra really is quite a good idea. I really like the idea of her having the needed elements for both the vintage toy version and the vintage original She-Ra figure. It'd be cool, though, to mix in a little of the proposed movie costume design just to give her more of a futuristic look to tie in with the look of NA He-Man and the Galactic Guardians.
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    I would like to see Starburst She-Ra released as a variant, whether or not she's sold as "New Adventures" She-Ra.

    However, in addition to the Starburst She-Ra specific accessories, I would like to see the variant have the original "toy design bodice and skirt" to add some much needed variety to the She-Ra variants and to enable fans to build a "toy design" She-Ra. As the SB She-Ra's accessories are all repaints (except for the armour/cape), I would also like to see a "toy design" variant of the original toy tiara included (in addition to the SB toy tiara). And while I'm spending the tooling budget like there is no tomorrow, I'd still like to see the original "toy design" sword included with a She-Ra action figure.

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    do we need Starburst She-Ra? I like her but I would rather have something else. this design it to similar to what we already hive. I would like to save my money for something else.
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