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As cool as this sounds (I like it personally ), I dont see us all rising to the occassion in terms of making this sub happen financially (if it was to ever be offered). We're already paying enough for the regular sub and would probably have to have multiple subscriptions to this 2.0 sub to make it happen. Even if they were made in lower numbers, then sadly that would probably result in the costing more. Imagine if it was $30 a figure

All that aside, I think a re-done Sorceress would be great!
I agree. Unfortunately I don't see enough people out there right now wanting these figures again with minor changes to justify production. As much as it'd be cool for everyone to have Teela, Fisto, Sorceress,etc, I don't see re-releases happening. Personally, I'm not paying $40 for a new Stinkor, a Fisto I already have, etc.

I think people's best bet is to push for releases like 200x Sorceress, or variant change, like the King Grayskull re-release.