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Thread: Post here with your QUALIFIERS for the FAN CHOICE FIGURE 2013 Vote Slot!

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    I'm shocked this thread got past page 2 w/o mention of the yellow tug of war warrior. I'd be totally shocked it the org submission was not Illumina. Josh, Songster, Scrollos are all awesome choices too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    Well I sure hope all the other choices in this fan poll will suck if everyone's going to try to coordinate and force another Illumina agenda.

    Or I hope she isnt even an option in this "fan's choice" thing. Or I wish they wouldve did her instead of Snake Man-At-Arms just to put this thing to rest already.

    Toyguru, I beg of you...give them their blue Teela redeco (you know that's what it's gonna be...and you'll all complain like you did with BG Evil-Lyn) already! Because I will NOT have her beating out far more important characters (Filmation characters, vintage figures, etc... from my childhood) just for the purpose of "we told you so".

    Go look at MGM's most recent MOTU Idol thread. Illumina is in the top 3 above guys like Two Bad, Mantenna, Mekaneck, etc... I just can't stand it anymore!

    So I beg of you, please Toyguru, shut them up already so this fan's choice thing doesn't go askew like the MOTU Idol threads and other polls!!
    Amen brother Count Marzo. Preach it. The truth will set us free.

    Apparantely these Illumina supporters forgot their roots. Evidently they forgot about the vintage toys or filmation or even the minicomics. Forgetting eras which they claim to love.

    I support Filmation. F4L. Filmation For Life. My true colors? Filmation colors.

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    One thing we will have to keep in mind about characters we put on the vote, is that they cannot be 100% tooled figures, so they have to re-use the standard bucks. I'm not sure if we can vote for characters that would use the Giant buck, cat buck, horse buck or Gygor buck, so I won't comment on them until we hear we can't vote for characters that use those.

    Anyway, at this very moment in time (no matter how much I want some of these characters...and I do!), I think they can't be made because of needing new bucks:

    Squat Buck (thick in the mid section):

    - General Tataran
    - Ram-Man (not obscure anyway)
    - Kothos
    - Angast
    - Sitcky Fingers
    - Toy Maker
    - Baron Condore
    - King Ahgo
    - Swen
    - Spyster
    - Chef Allen

    Teen Buck:

    - Lizard Man
    - Songster
    - MYP Prince Adam
    - 200X Buzz-Off
    - Prince Zed
    - Corporal Romeo
    - Admiral Scurvy
    - Inspector Darkney
    - Crackers the Clown
    - Zagraz
    - Acrobad
    - Catillus
    - Frit
    - False Face
    - Professor Tempus
    (pretty much any wizard, as they shouldn't be beefy: like Norwin)

    Child buck (maybe 10 years old):

    - Stanlan
    - Filmation Prince Adam when he gets stuck in the Tar Swamp and when he gets kitty Cringer
    - Chad
    - Drak
    - Jeremy (Adam's spoiled cousin)
    - Loos (the blind boy)
    - Phillip

    Short, pudgy buck:

    - "Cursed" Count Marzo
    - Gwildor
    - Madam Razz (possibly)

    Other bucks:

    - The NA Scientists, Gleep and UR (4 Scientists. They would use: Young boy buck, slim/shorter buck, short/pudgy buck and I'm not sure about the last one. He's short like the 10 year olds but he's heftier. Maybe just use the short buck and make his clothes appear thick?)
    - Widgets
    - Konseals (Loo-Kee's people)
    - Twiggets
    - Centaurs (Sagitar's people)
    - Monteeg
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    I would like to see these obscure characters made into MOTUC figures:

    Goat Man
    The pilots from the vehicle box art
    Light Spinner!
    Mattel... Please bring back 200x styled stactions!!

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    I'm happy that Ileena has a lot of fans. She would be a beautiful MOTUC figure!!!

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    What about Aran and Una/Oona from Masks of Power? Or even better: Lord Tyrin and Lady Valtira from The sleepers awaken?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aran View Post
    What about Aran and Una/Oona from Masks of Power? Or even better: Lord Tyrin and Lady Vatira from The sleepers awaken?
    I was just going to post that Lady Vatira be added to the list. I'd love a figure of her!
    "Don't crowd me boys!"

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    My vote is for Scrollos
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    I'd hope Hawk(e) is important enough to get a figure anyway, but count me in for her too otherwise.
    MOTUC Most Wanted: Skeleteen, Prince Keldor, Captain Randor, The Great Black Wizard, Lady Slither, Spirit, Tuvar, Baddra, Cursed Marzo, Tug-O-War, Scrollos, Songster, Mini-Comics Spirit of Castle Grayskull, and for the love of the Sorceress and Julie Winston, ODIPHUS!!!

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    Gonna take this opportunity to ask for some comic figures!

    Mother Tortudo

    The Collector
    Crimson Scourge

    Minis (I believe Geldor and Lodar are planned already)
    Princess Rana
    Prince Leon

    Delora (also in minis)
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    Hawke & Delora (Filmation Betrayal of Stratos)

    Kudol Ungol (Filmation Origin of The Sorceress)

    Strobo (Masters of The Universe Magazine)

    Rana (Mini-Comic Slave City)

    Prince Dakkon (Mini-Comic Secret Liquid Of Life)

    Sharella (Megator Box Art {RUMORED})

    Armored Tri Klops AKA Battleground Tri-Klops (Mini-Comic Terror of Tri-Klops!!!)

    Mini-Comics Trap Jaw AKA Iron Jaw (Mini-Comics The Menace of Trap Jaw!)

    Horde Tung Lashor (Filmation Modulok Storyline)

    Secret Liquid of Life Teela (Mini-Comic Secret Liquid of Life)

    Josh Reccula
    The pilots from the vehicle box art
    Ferros, Rachney, Repta
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    I'd like twova and badra

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    Here's my suggestions:

    The Enchantress (original MOTU cartoon; episode: Search for the past)

    Hunga the Harpy (PoP cartoon; episode: Micah of Bright Moon)

    Hunga custom by me; not the best custom but I hope it gets somebody excited over the character!

    Huntara (PoP cartoon; episode: Huntara)

    The Kex Queen (mini-comic: He-man and the insect people)

    Kex Queen fan art by me; anything to drum up excitement for a character!

    Sybiline (original MOTU cartoon; episode: the defection)

    Sybiline fan art by me!

    The Red knight (PoP cartoon; episode: The Red Knight)

    Kothos (original MOTU cartoon; episode: The witch and the warrior)
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    Top wants: 3 main Twiggets, Red Knight, Granita, Hunga the Harpy, Dylamug, Vultak, Enchantress, Kothos, General Tataran, Evil Seed (Filmation), Masque, Sybiline (pack-in Gorgon), Melaktha, Despara, toy Catra, Master Sebrian, Andros, Sorceress NA comic, Kex Queen, Lodar, Green trap Jaw, Pink tri-Klops, pale monkey feet Stratos, Orange Ram man, Pale Man e Faces

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    ILLUMINA - MVCreations Comic character who appeared in an advertisement for an upcoming issue of the comic.

    SCROLLOS - appeared, usually in shadow, in a number of the MOTU UK comics to reveal the "Secret Files" of various characters and always answered the fan mail. For example, he can be seen from behind in issue #62, page 15, panel 1. His face is finally revealed in MOTU Adventure Magazine #17 page 1 as they transition to NA stories.

    SONGSTER (though he might need a new slimmer buck)- MOTU Power Tour

    CELICE - title character from the Filmation He-Man episode "Song of Celice"

    GOAT MAN - From MOTU Golden Book "Secret of The Dragons Egg" pgs 13, 14, 15

    STROBO - US MOTU Magazine issue 16 - Feature Story II: "The Dark Power of Skeletor" -Seen on pg 22 and other pages in the story

    ENCHANTRESS - Villainess in Filmation He-Man episode "Search for the Past"

    THE SEER - from She-Ra minicomic "Journey to Mizar" pgs 6 and 7

    KECLAR - Elder from several UK comics - can be seen in UK Comics issue 10 page 11

    Characters that may be disqualified for potentially falling outside the guidelines

    MELAKTHA (perhaps not obscure enough) Was in 6 Filmation He-Man episodes including HOUSE OF SHOKOTI

    TED MAYER'S CONCEPT WITCH (concept character seemingly not allowed)- variations of concept character appear in Tomarts and The Power & the Honor Foundation Catalog

    HORDE MUMMY (concept character seemingly not allowed) - variations of concept character appear in Tomarts and The Power & the Honor Foundation Catalog

    ADMIRAL SCURVY (would likely need a new slimmer buck) - Prominently featured in Filmation She-Ra episode "Anchors Aloft"

    CHEF ALLEN (would need a new stout buck) - was in Filmation He-Man episode "Taking of Grayskull" and in "Secret of the Sword" movie. I think he might have been in one more episode, but not positive about that.

    DARKDREAM (would need a new sculpt) - villain the Filmation He-Man episode "Eternal Darkness"

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    Since I'm allowed only 5 images, I am putting images I believe are far and few between.

    Hunga the Harpy (don't see how she is obscure but voting anyway) episode: Secret of the Sword Movie

    Hawke: MOTU season 2 episode 78 "Betrayal of Stratos"

    Icer (if Calix and Huga are on the list, then I'm voting for Icer as well.)
    MOTU season 2 episode 11 "The Ice Age Cometh"

    Alien Zodak: 4 Horsemen character design

    General Sunder: POP season 1 episode 53 "Unexpected Ally"

    Filmation Hordak (I consider him obscure because Mattel does not want to make him)

    Huntara: POP season 1 episode 45 "Huntara"

    Illumina: Character by Emiliano and Val (from promos in Volume 3 of the MVC "Masters of the Universe" comic series)

    Admiral Scurvy: POP episode "Anchors Aloft Part 1 & 2"

    Calix: MYP He-man season 2 episode 9 "The Power of Grayskull"
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    Kobra Khan Camuflado or Leo Faker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny Dreadful View Post
    Chef Allen

    Hmm, my list is:

    Josh - appears in POP minicomic "Across the Crystal Light Barrier" pgs 4, 13-14

    Red Knight - Princess of Power episode, "The Red Knight"

    Illumina (and cat) - Appeared in solicitation for 200X Masters of the Universe comic

    Drissi - frequently seen in NA He-Man cartoon's 1st season, visible in intro

    Scrollos - UK Comics narrator

    Crystoll - Prototype Karatti from NA He-Man toyline

    Melog - POP episode "Enemy With My Face"

    Camo Khan - Top Toys figure

    King Hiss' Slave Girl - appears on page 8 of "King of the Snake Men" minicomic

    Gorgone - appears in Estrella Brazilian comics "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" #21

    Lightspinner - Shadow Weaver's origin, as an apprentice sorceress;
    appeared in UK comics + Filmation (prefer UK look)

    Moved these down here because I'm unsure they can be made:

    Ted Mayer Concept Witch - concept, not sure if off the table
    Horde Mummy - concept, not sure if off the table
    King Ahgo - POP cartoon character "Troll's Dream", needs a larger buck
    Admiral Scurvy - appears in Princess of Power episodes "Anchors Aloft" pt 1 + 2, needs a thinner buck
    Chef Allen - appears a few times in He-Man and the MOTU cartoon, needs a larger buck.
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    Vintage New Adventures deserves to be finished!
    MOTUC Top Ten Super 7 wants: KAYO, Hoove, Drissi, Crystoll, Chef Allen, any Catra variant, Nocturna, Red Knight, Clawdeen (flocked), Spinwit
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    Lt. Andra

    And what about all those sexy babes in the Brazilian comics (I don't know if they had names)?

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    He was a guest villain in the Filmation episode 'Quest for He-man'. This was episode 19 in season 1.

    He's easy to remember if you've seen the episode. He's a human-sized, muscular pink bunny!

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    I KNOW! I KNOW!!

    I know the perfect figure for the contest!!! Everyone wants her! Everyone is afraid that she'll never find the way into MOTUC!
    She is a 100% new figure and I think she is at the end of the list from mattel because she is more expensive then some other Filmation characters!!
    Everyone wants her since our childhood! This is the chance to get her fast!!!
    And I'm sure she will be win this contest!!


    WE should find a character which everyone wants since years... so she and Broom are absolutely perfect for this contest to make sure that we are getting her after 25 years

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    Chef Alan, because the royal family is STARVING!

    Or Songster, because he represents everything 80s.
    A boy and his cat versus the world...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    I am so not against her! She is a cool character, all I have been saying is that outside of the very passionate fan base on the org there is relatively minimal awareness and demand which is why we were not in a rush to get to her. I can't imagine we won't get to her down the line, but if the org wants to pick her as your fan choice slot and she gets voted in by the 2013 sun holders all the better. Totally up to you guys! But seriously, for the record I have nothing against her and think she would make a cool fig one day.
    First off, please realize I am not trying to start an argument here, but that's not all you have been saying. That's only very recently. When taking everything that you have posted about her into account from the beginning, it is easy to see how some could get a similar impression as that previous poster. Since she's never gotten the typical stock answer about a character that isn't scheduled yet, it has seemed from the very beginning (but no longer based on what you've recently said) that she's been singled out for whatever reason.

    But thank you very much for clearing it up. This statement is at least on par with statements made about other obscure characters. Hopefully this can finally put an end to things regarding her.

    One important question though.... What will happen to the losers of the poll? Will they still have a chance to be made, or enter a second, or third contest down the line? Or will they miss their one opportunity to be made?

    This Trap Jaw fan would be crushed if (hypothetically speaking) mini-comic Trap Jaw is in the poll but doesn't win, and thereby never gets the chance at becoming a figure ever again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midor View Post
    Amen brother Count Marzo. Preach it. The truth will set us free.

    Apparantely these Illumina supporters forgot their roots. Evidently they forgot about the vintage toys or filmation or even the minicomics. Forgetting eras which they claim to love.

    I support Filmation. F4L. Filmation For Life. My true colors? Filmation colors.
    We haven't forgot our roots: you're talking to the guy that is creating a huge archive of Filmation materials for the Power and the Honor Foundation.
    And yes, pending decisions on how this will be handled here on, I'm sure Illumina will be one of the choices. Unless she is already part of the choices from Mattel.

    But I'm pretty sure we'll let forum members decide, so I don't see what's wrong with including her. We're talking obscure characters. We're not going to pitch her against Shokoti or Lizard Man, that would be stupid.

    Not even against Madame Razz. Do you guys really believe Madame Razz is an obscure character? She's one of the most prominent character in the POP cartoon, I'm 100% she's already on Mattel's schedule, so there is no need to vote for her. You guys need to realy see this in context, but we'll make sure to make everything clear.

    We just don't have info yet, as Mattel has yet to contact us on how to handel this, but you all know we're all about the fans, and we won't disappoint you.

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