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Thread: Changes for Snake MAA

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott metzger View Post
    But we bought in being told that a figure like this wouldn't be passed off as a quarterly variant, then we got this figure passed off as a quarterly variant.

    It's like buying 14 pizzas after being shown the first four, and being told none of them would have anchovies on them, then finding out the fifth one has little salty fishies on it...
    LOL yes! SMAA and BGEL are so the anchovies of MOTUC

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    I've made my peace with accepting this figure as much as I can. I don't really regret buying a sub either. I don't think a lot of us who did will come that day when Fisto or Stinkor sells out in 2 mins and rapists on ebay will be charging high dollar for them.
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    I`m totally fine not bought a sub/30th sub because of the many figures I don`t want or am unsure about.

    I don`t want the PoP stuff, the MS and I am unsure of Fearless Photog , Snake MAA, Griffin & Horde Prime.

    That`s pretty much for the first 6 months and who knows what the rest of 2012 will bring? Another "fan-demanded" variant like SMAA?

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