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Thread: Changes for Snake MAA

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    Did anyone watch the panel video? It was so hard to hear but when the question of the arm cannon came up Scott looked at the 4HM and they said they'd look into it. I also could not make out anything else they said about it but it sounded like MAA was a rush job to show it off. I hope so, I like the fig but it does feel a bit lacking.

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    He looks just fine. The snake head is a second head he comes with. His look is based off the New POWERS OF GRAYSKULL "The Legend Begins" Mini Comic. So Mattel shouldn't have to chage his look to 200x. It's a "VARIENT" Not a new sculpt. Varients have slight changes or different paint apts from Orgininal Nothing more.

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    Armor for his right arm and leg, and the 200X hand canon.
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    i actually really like the silver armor on him but would prefer what he's got for mix matching.

    200x cannon blaster & a helmet-less myp head would make him the perfect figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    Or how about the legs and arms of King Hiss? They could stand in for the 200X body armor...
    Uhh... no. I'd rather they use the Man-E-Faces arms or Roboto arms painted green. The legs might work as well, assuming that the Roboto/MEF knee works with the furry boots. That still leaves the left foot though.

    I'll try to do a photoshop mockup of this if I have time...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerec350 View Post
    I'd like to have the silver armor with anti-snake emblem, extra head, and arm cannon. Include those and I'll buy 2 or 3 figures.
    Yup, the armor should have been silver and he NEEDS more accessories before I'd ever consider buying him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EldestSon View Post
    on second thought, we need a second mustached snake head.
    I quite agree, that'd be both funny & awesome to see.
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    To be bluntly honest, they can add the arm cannon or the ponytail head, but this won't make Snake MAA more desirable to me.

    Snake Man-At-Arms is part of those variants I was secretly hoping I'd never see in MOTUC, along with the other Smashblade, Wolf Armor or Samurai horrors.

    I only want the vintage variants, plus 1 or 2 200x ones (Ice Armor He-Man, Inferno Skeletor or Snake Armor He-Man, for instance). That's all.

    I'll definitely pass on Snakeman Man-at-Arms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Met-Hild View Post
    Uhh... no. I'd rather they use the Man-E-Faces arms or Roboto arms painted green. The legs might work as well, assuming that the Roboto/MEF knee works with the furry boots. That still leaves the left foot though.

    I'll try to do a photoshop mockup of this if I have time...
    Please give this receipe a try that I posted on page 1 of this thread:

    The parts I like:
    Snake-Head - awesome sculpt. Easily one of the best ones in MOTUC so far.
    Snake-Ring - logical addition.
    200x paint ops - again, logical repaint.

    Iīd love the inclusion of some new accessories, though:
    - Arm-Blaster-Cannon
    - chestarmor frontpiece with lowered chin-guard (as Duncan sported in the MYP cartoon when in "civilian" mode)
    - helmetless head with ponytail (again, as in the MYP civilian mode)
    - Clip-On big shoulderpad. Duncan could enlarge this piece of his armor in the MYP cartoon from small (like the current MOTUC version) to extralarge.

    And this would be the receipe of body parts I would have chosen:
    - Roboto torso (no ab-crunch, but the details would match 200x armorsuit)
    - Horde Prime shoulders and biceps
    - regular male lower right arm and hand
    - Bow lower left arm
    - Trap-Jaw left hand
    - King Grayskull loincloth
    - regular male legs
    - regular male right boots and foot
    - Trap-Jaw left boot
    - He-Ro left foot
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    Here's my preference for Snake MAA:
    No Changes! He is fine the way he is.

    But additions are a must, he is too bland otherwise:
    - Arm-Blaster-Cannon
    - helmet-less head with ponytail

    These 2 things have been the #1 most requested accessories
    for a MOTUC Man-At-Arms since day 1!

    Heck, I'd even remove the Serpent Ring in favor of these 2 additions!

    Now that Snake Man-At-Arms is being released, I'm positive he'll have a big role in the mini-comic as he will be packed with Mini-Comic 2 of 4.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    Q&A (I can't really hear questions, so you might just get the A part! )
    8) Snake MAA, will he have the arm cannon from 200X? CornBoy (4H): It's not in there right now (something else, inaudible). TG: Right now he doesn't, it's something we talked about. We want to make sure he's plused up with something a lot more than just a head. We'll keep looking into that. If it's in the budget we'll get to it.
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    Make him DARK METALLIC GREEN & SILVER armor so he is like SERPENT CLAW MAA form 200X & include the 200X weapons & moustached head.
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    Silver paint would be a must have for me personally.

    If its just a ring and unhelmted head as extras, I'll pass.
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    i'm very happy to have other variants other than he-man & skeletor.
    the snake m@a is a good addition to motuc. it would be fun to display him in different ways. the great unrest m@a with no mustache, mustache version & snake head m@a. i'm crossing my fingers he will get the myp pony tail head.
    but yes additional accessories would make this a kick ass figure. gun cannon & myp head. i would be very satisfied.

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    I was just thinking...both TP He-Man and Snake MAA appear in the mini comic. I wonder if we might deduce who the next variant is for 2012...

    I don't recall any other variants showing up in the first issue though, unless we get ----- in her --------- cloak...
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    I just made a poll for people to vote on their favorite color scheme for Snake Man-At-Arms. Please, cast you're vote. I'd love to see what the collectors really want.

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    The version they've shown is Filmation Man-At-Arms. I have wanted that since the first MOTUC MAA came out.

    IMO variants shouldn't need a ton of changes to make them worthy. The changes should be quality over quantity. Everyone loves BA Faker and all he has in new armor.

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    I think BA Faker is one of the worst figures, and he is the only figure I don't own, besides original Grayskull! Well and Molar... thats just never gonna happen for me!
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    I would love if Snake MAA had:

    200X blaster
    unhelmeted head
    keldor swords- might as well pack them with someone
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    Quote Originally Posted by FakeEyes22 View Post
    I like the toy accurate deco as-is, with the lighter green and orange, brown fur, etc. I understand that even though it's subtle, the development costs are the same as a more dramatic re-deco. I also understand that the quarterly variants are supposed to present some low-tooling cost opportunities, so I won't ask for too much.
    Agreed, I'm hoping they keep his current paint deco as I'm more interested in a toy accurate Man-At-Arms, than a 2k snake hunter version in MOTUC. In fact I'd prefer if they lose the blue tank and create a 100% toy accurate color scheme, since with the 2 packs gone this is the only way to buy this deco. I'd actually prefer if all the snake hunter variants stayed in the 2k line, I've already got a box full.

    I do hope he's going to have the extra weapons the first release had, along with some nice bonuses like the BFG the 2k fans want, and maybe a new weapon, a Man-At-Arms themed shield would be cool!

    I understand why some fans are disappointed, though not the outright rage. I certainly don't want to see the line overrun with repaints, but if the occasional TOD Sorceress or Snake Man-At-Arms are needed as a cost saving measure I'll enjoy them for what they are, and the tooling dollars they'll hopefully generate for future figures like Ram Man and Modulok.

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    SMAA as is for me please deco wise, but the arm cannon would be a welcome addition....
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    Helmetless head

    200x arm cannon

    Leave the armor orange. Silver just doesn't make any sence. Why would painting his armor help him fight the snake men? I hated the repaints of the 200x line. Maybe a bonus accessory even, like a Filamation power sword! (not bloody likely)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholighkun View Post
    Helmetless head

    200x arm cannon

    Leave the armor orange. Silver just doesn't make any sence. Why would painting his armor help him fight the snake men? I hated the repaints of the 200x line. Maybe a bonus accessory even, like a Filamation power sword! (not bloody likely)
    I'm with you 100%.

    If his mystery 2nd head is an unhelmeted, pony-tailed head, then all he needs is the 200X arm-cannon, and he's perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berserker79 View Post
    My opinions:

    200x arm blaster
    Whiplash torso and shoulders
    silver armor
    As partly said in the first message from Berserker79 I would prefer Snake MAA to come at least with :

    - 200x arm blaster
    - Any Whiplash parts (in particular shoulders)
    - Ponytail MAA head (to go with the regular MAA)
    - if possible more paint differences... a silver armor would have been a good idea.

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    Just watched the MYP cartoon episode "Second Skin". Man at Arms does NOT have silver armor in that episode. FYI for those that think his armor should be silver because of the cartoon. The figure in the 200x toy line (MOTU versus Snakemen) had silver armor, but not in the cartoon.

    If anyone has pics that show SILVER armor in the MYP CARTOON, I will happily retract what I said. (Without being photoshopped, of course)
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    Helmet-less Ponytail Head

    200X arm cannon


    silver armor

    snake body parts (such as Whiplashes shoulders)
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