Does anyone else think this could be a great figure? I had the coloring book in which this almost happened, but I believe there was a story or something also. If anyone can post pics, that'd be helpful.

SBTeela would be perfect as a Sub-Exclusive or for SDCC perhaps. Built with mostly reused parts and a new dress, she could even have swappability like Marlena, to perhaps create a Cold Weather Gear Teela (if the wedding dress maintained the sleeves) or even a Filmation look (if the dress was sleeveless).

She could have the BGTeela head with red hair, of course, and perhaps serve as an opportunity to get a blonde repaint of the first Teela head too.

This story always captured my attention as a kid, and seeing as it's been referenced already (somewhat) in the Bios, I think it could be a great addition!

Chime in with your SUPPORT and your ideas for accessories or execution!

(Haters need not reply, thankyouverymuch.)