Hello guys, I'm taking a reak this week to finish the Christmas projects and the final episodes of the action figure tales. (Teela's trials are not over yet!) I'm whipping out some new custom heads, ornaments as well as all time favorites!

I wanted however, to share a custom I made in May for a friend in Brazil: The 200X Force captain Adora. I have made FCA's in the past but most of them have been based in the kick arse style created by Emiliano for the classics line, so this time I designed my take on what she would have looked like in the 200X style.

Features a ton of sculpted details, casts from stactions and whatnot. The holster is fully functional.

I gave her that sword cause I had no other at the moment but almost any motuc sword can fit, Even the classics swords.

Here is the video and a pic:

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