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Thread: Mecha Horde Trooper (Toy Colors) by Hunter Knight Customs

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    Mecha Horde Trooper (Toy Colors) by Hunter Knight Customs

    I never thought people would even want more of the Mecha Horde Trooper after the official Mattel release, but many of you sent me messages asking for him. Well, I couldn't just make a copy of the old ones so I went and gave it a full repaint matching the paint as close as possible to the official figures, cast Horde Trooper insignia , hand covers and crotch, (from the official release) as for the effects part, who want's a pristine trooper? Nah! you are smarter than that, so I gave it tiny scratches all around the armor, hands, feet, plus rust effects and oil drips all around .

    "The Mecha Horde Trooper is the latest of Hordak's creations, with improved armor, built in weapons systems, rocket launchers and superior artificial intelligence, he is ready to lead his armies, and crush the rebel Masters of the Universe."

    Here is the video. Thanks for checking!

     photo IMG_7889_zpsqulzrri7.jpg

     photo IMG_7897_zpsoqudilhi.jpg

     photo IMG_7900 2_zps1tbwolas.jpg

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    That is one mean-looking Horde Trooper!
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