Ok guys, so here's my version of a Frosta hybrid. I took some of the details I liked from the classic POP toy and intergrated that with the filmation look. I changed the bodice added some detail to the boots and changed her gloves to the ice inspired bracers. I gave her a slightly modified cape to include a collar but not a huge fluffy one. I also included a photoshopped version of her with the lighter bttm part similar to some of the toy figures( although I believe that was just a quality control issue.Well, hopefully cuz I def do not understand that!) just so you can see what it looks like. I decided not to go with the sheer skirt/cape look. I just can't imagine that looking good at all. Unless it was translucent frosted plastic.... I decided to do her skirt and bracers in a pearlized white with a silver belt.....the camera flash didnt work to well with it however and overflashed the belt. I didnt have the time to set it all up lightwise sooo there ya go! Personally, I dont care for the lighter colors too much (sorry Darkspector) hehe. Seeing them side by side, I still like the filmation version better. The only thing I think I'd keep is the belt, perhaps the boot detailing reversed (like the toy). I know some of you say the colors look more "icy" but I just think the filmation one looks more elegant. The color contrasts and the smooth lines, the long gloves...she looks more sleek and beautiful. To me she does anyway. Of course both are welcome in The MOTUC line. ") Enjoy!