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Thread: MOTU Minis Man-At-Arms and Faker Review & Pics

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    MOTU Minis Man-At-Arms and Faker Review & Pics

    These went up yesterday. For those of you on the fence, I hope you will take another look at this collection. I personally hate playing catch up, and this would make a great set for children if you don't want kids' mitts on your precious Classics figures

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    I'm still really on the fence if I want to get into this collection or not. Like the 12 inch vintage figures- these things are just a little too out there for me.

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    I wasn't sure about the minis until SDCC. That's what sold me on them. I agree I dont think ill ever buy the jumbo figures, mainlu because of their size and the lack of display space. Also, I personally don't understand the desire to have a vintage era figure blown up to magnify all its flaws. I would have almost preferred Mattel went the opposite direction and did a scaled down vintage line.

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