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Thread: Zargon's B/S/T Thread

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    Zargon's B/S/T Thread


    Full Figures (complete unless noted):
    Battle Armor Faker - loose is perfect
    The Green Goddess (unbroken)
    Shokoti’s Darkling (multiple would be nice)
    Thunderpunch He-Man
    Camo Khan (Power-Con 2016 Exclusive)
    Red Beast Man (Power-Con 2016 Exclusive)
    Green Granamyr (Power-Con 2016 Exclusive)
    LOW PRIORITY full figures for customs (trade or extremely CHEAP)
    Battle Lion
    Moss Man
    Eternian Palace Guard (no head or weapons necessary; just full armor and complete buck)
    Vikor (no head or cape needed)
    Battle Ram Man-at-Arms
    TOD Sorceress (X2)
    PD Teela (for my granddaughter)

    Sir Laser-Lot
    Webstor (X2)
    Trap Jaw (X2)

    Chief Carnivus (no head) (X2 at least)
    Roboto (incl biceps & thighs) (cracks OK, even preferred)
    Vykron or He-Man or Vikor or King Grayskull or Tri-Klops buck (X2 at least)
    Lord Dactus
    Trap Jaw (X2 at least)

    Body parts:
    yellow smooth Snake Man right forearm w/hand
    orange scaled Snake Man left forearm w/hand
    Snake Men neck pieces (X2)
    Stinkor neck pieces (X2 at least)
    Sir Laser-Lot loin (uncut)
    Trap Jaw right arm (X2)
    Horde Prime forearms with hands
    Draego-Man hands (x2 pairs)
    King Hssss lower half
    Lord Dactus legs
    Lord Dactus wings
    Hurricane Hordak right (weaponized) forearm
    Filmation Hordak cannon arm & hand
    Mara pony tail extension piece

    Sir Laser-Lot

    Sir Laser Lot (w/cape)
    Prince Adam vest
    Lord Dactus (1 w/wings, 1 w/out)
    Weapon Pack Beast Man armor (incl. arm pieces)
    He-Man (X3)
    Demo-Man shirt / armor
    King Randor (armor & cape) or Light Hope
    Prahvus cape
    Lord Masque armor
    Lord Masque cape

    Snake Men shield, spear & mace
    Castle Grayskull mace
    orange WP axe and shield for Faker
    Roboto attachments (black preferred)
    WP MAA (Kronis) short sword (trade pending)
    Scorpia crossbow
    Bow’s bow
    Zodak staff (non-WP)
    Glory Bird perch
    Goat Man hammer
    Faceless One Havoc staff
    flameless Draego-Man sword
    Jitsu sword

    Queen Marlena


    Pyre's Anthro-Cat head

    Castle Warriors set (head/helm/stand)

    Grayskull-Con 2013 Standard

    DC Blackest Night Nekron scythe
    Cyborg head

    Keldor - MIB
    She-Ra - MIB
    Battle Bones - missile
    Battle Ram Chariot - complete

    TMNT Classics
    Krang - complete (not yet released)
    Shredder - complete (not yet released)

    Super7 MOTU
    Power-Con 2016 Exclusive Slime green M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. trashcan (unopened)
    green M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. 24 pack BOX ONLY - to replace box damaged by granddaughter

    ThunderCats Classics:

    Wilykat & Wilykit flight stands (or workable substitute)


    Half swords are He-Man, Skeletor & Prince Adam.

    Gold piece goes with Aracula of Skeleton Warriors.

    Sword is 200X Tri-Klops painted purple, gun holster has tear near the fastener, top of Hordak staff pictured, Leech net is complete but in pieces.

    I ship via trackable shipping; please do the same.
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    Top MOTUC wants: Sagitar, Great Black Wizard, Fang-or, Skeletor's Skeleton Warriors, Odiphus, Illumina w/Sleetah, Lady Slither, Tuvar & Baddrah 2-pack

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