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Thread: What if Sea Hawk was the next PoP figure?

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    What if Sea Hawk was the next PoP figure?

    Would you be irritated that the 1st tier girls have been delayed yet again, or happy to get this previously unavailable character?

    Me, I can't decide. Depends on how long it takes to get the next PoP after that, I suppose.
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    I'd be perfectly fine if Frosta, Castaspella, Sea Hawk, Scorpia, and Octavia were the only PoP figures we ever got.

    I guess I'd be okay with Queen Angella as well.

    For some reason, I can't stand Glimmer.

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    I would LOVE to get Sea Hawk as quickly as possible. He is an awesome character and I have always wanted him in figure form. Please, Mattel, send us the Pirate Bad Boy for Adora. I want the POP girls as well but Sea Hawk is one of my MOST WANTED.
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    I'd be fine, as we're getting another figure we never had before, that we always wanted. But at some point soon, we need the old familiars.

    But bring on the Hawk!!!
    I love an all inclusive canon!

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    I've always wanted Sea Hawk, so I'd be perfectly fine. Bring him on!!

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    I'd be a bit disappointed.

    Sea Hawk is a figure that I'm looking forward to, but I'd like to see a "core" POP gal first.

    Mermista, Frosta, Glimmer, anybody really. They are really lacking at the moment.
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    I would be happy! Adora needs her boy! I just hope that that he is given the detail that MOTUC are used to having.
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    Give me something from Wave 2 POP before the Sea Hawk.

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    As much as i like and want some of the Filmation characters, i really think the female rebels are overdue.

    From the the four rebel characters they made to this date they managed to bring us one female and two male figures.

    Adora/ She-Ra/ BubblePower SHe-Ra are three figures but one character and Bow and Swiftwind are the two main male characters.

    What will they do, bring as next Spirit, Arrow or Seahawk, how about a Broom Kowl and Lookee three pack?

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    I think Sea Hawk would be a great addition to the line, I do. But it's time for someone like Frosta or Glimmer. She-Ra and Bow are outnumbered by the Horde on my shelf.
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    Now that we know Bow's heart vibrates for She-Ra/Adore, there's no point in a Sea Hawk figure.

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    I don't care what order they come out in as long as they make them and we can buy them!

    There is still lots of PoP and PoP Filmation figures that I want!

    I would be just as thrilled to see Sea Hawk as I would Castaspella, Frosta, etc... I do want Frosta the most right now though.
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    I'd be fine with that, he's a cool lookin' guy. I could do without his crew however.
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    We know there won't be another filmation character in 2012 and at least 1 pop, which probably will be a female, so this 'if my grandmother had wheels-question' is nothing to worry about

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    He's an interesting design, and I'm sure he would be cool, but I'm more looking forward to what they can do with the toys. Particularly Frosta.
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    Rumor has it that the next Rebel is female. Though things change, especially this far out.

    I'd love a Sea Hawk figure.

    It seems that the powers that be just don't have a ton of interest in making the POP characters, unless they are evil, male, or beast. So don't be surprised if one of the next two POP releases is Sea Hawk.

    Frankly, we should already have Frosta, Castaspella, Glimmer, and/or Angella.
    (But then we should also already have Hydron and Flogg).

    I used to think they were just holding back to prolong the life of the line, because I believe that the POP ladies are highly desired by people and/or will be once they are shown as sculpted by the 4H. But after seeing how many a/b-lister vintage MOTU characters have been released or announced, I firmly believe that the schedule is most influenced by Scott's desires and an occasional 4H favorite.

    I'm hoping that whoever watches the episodes we suggested, when Scott recently asked for a top-ten episode selection for each cartoon, realizes how important and/or popular some of POP ladies are.

    Frosta, Glimmer, Castaspella, Angella, Mermista, Sweet Bee, Netossa, etc

    They are all really cool characters that would be awesome as designed by the 4H.

    At this point we have 2 Teela's (3 if you count The Goddess), 2 Evil-Lyns, 2 Marlenas (2-in-1), and 2 Sorceress figures lol.

    That's nice, but I want some more variety.
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    I love Sea Hawk, but as most people here have stated the women of the Rebellion are far overdue!!!

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    I do want a Sea Hawk figure, but as others on here have stated already, I would much prefer some of the core Rebellion girls get some attention first.

    My MOTUC most wanted: Granita, Delora, and Hunga

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    Personally, I'd like for Mattel to show us a little bit more ambition into this line, and to not release Seahawk right away.

    Seahawk will be rather cheap to produce, since he'll reuse many parts.

    I'd prefer to see Queen Angella, Castaspella, Scorpia, Octavia, Peekablue, Kowl or even Madam Razz and Broom before Seahawk.

    We got too many cheap options lately, I'd like to get more "uniqueness".

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    I feel the same way. While I would like to get a Seahawk at some point, I'd really like to see the main Pop females made before him. Frosta, Glimmer, Scorpia, and Angella are the big heavy hitters that I'm hoping get done soon.

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    Don`t care, won`t buy another PoP figure besides Bow.

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    I'd be cool with it. Would he come with a comb-weapon for his beard?

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    I would not be ok with it. I want Glimmer next. He-Man got his core 3 with MAA and Teela in the first year. I want the Great Rebellion core three. ENOUGH WAITING!

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    I live in Saint no to Sea Hawk, yes to Ram-man!!!

    Yes, I know a lot of people won't get that joke but I don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anti-hero View Post
    I live in Saint no to Sea Hawk, yes to Ram-man!!!

    Yes, I know a lot of people won't get that joke but I don't care.
    Won't get it? Is that another knock against the POP fans? oops, did I just stereotype again there

    Anyway, I liked your joke.

    Sea Hawk as the NEXT POP would annoy me a bit as I think we really need to get more of the ladies out sooner but I do want him so I'd still be happy.

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