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Thread: FS: Vintage MOC MOTU: Webstor, Moss-Man, King Hiss, Rattlor

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    FS: Vintage MOC MOTU: Webstor, Moss-Man, King Hiss, Rattlor

    Hi all!

    I have some extra vintage carded MOTU figures for sale.
    I'm renovating my house and need to clear some space.
    All figures are in good to very good shape. No crap, but not AFA 99 grade either

    What I have for sale:

    WEBSTOR MOC - C7: good card, minor warping, firmly attached bubble which is slightly yellowed and has a tiny crack on the bottom, hardly noticeable, check the pic!


    MOSS MAN MOC - C8: very minor card warping and yellowing, average wear on the card.


    KING HISS MOC - C9: very good condition snake men, ultra clear and solid bubble, straight card, only downsides are the Bradlees pricetag and wear in the hangtag hole.


    RATTLOR MOC - C8,5: Very nice clear bubble that looks case fresh, very minor warping to cardback and some wear around the corners.


    And here are all the cardbacks:

    All pictures:

    I prefer to sell, no lowballs please (bids should be 50/pc and up), I charge no packing costs, only the exact shipping, which shouldn't be too expensive.

    (Only trades for Rio Blast, Price Adam, Mekaneck or Man-E-Faces MOC.)

    If you need feedback, I can provide from, and ebay eg.

    Thanks and get in touch!


    Still available! Some guidance prices ;-)

    Webstor: €70

    MOSS MAN: €60

    King Hiss: €80

    Rattlor: €75

    feel free to make an offer!

    They are now available on eBay!

    Check it!
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