I love the three shown so far and adore most of my submissions (others, I just like), but if we were to go another way, pulling only from what's available without the contest or new entries from Mattel, Geoff, etc...

1) Fearless Photog (I think that one was too perfect anyhow, and due!)
2) Songster (From the heyday of vintage: a freakin' concert tour?! Awesome! That just doesn't quite happen anymore outside of early childhood entertainment.)
3) Strobo (Obscure enough, but celebrating the magazine.)
4) Oo-Lar/The original He-Man (as seen in the first minicomic, with lots of customizing ability to recreate the tribal look, his He-Man look, and Jungle Attack He-Man )
5) Gorpo (the .Org's version!)
6) Skeletor's Son (whoever he is, representing the new chapters unfolding for the next 30 years!)