Even though being one of the most requested figures by fans, no sign of a MOTUC Ram Man yet. But after just posting this poll on a MOTUC Ram Man colour scheme, I got to wondering as to just what Rammy's legs were all about, and how they should be reflected in his profile, if / when the figure ever comes about.

Do you consider him just to have poweful but "human" legs? Are they some kinda bionic replacement? I've never considered Ram Man to remotely be cyborg (in fact, all incarnations have shown him to be decidedly human-like), but is his lower body some kind of robotic enhancement / replacement? (Maybe he lost his real legs in some terrible accident - hence becoming so embittered by the time of the "He-Man Meets Ram Man!" mini-comic.... I'm just speculating!! )

There's any way they could go with this (though personally I think the whole "cyborg" / "human mutated into a cyborg" thing is a little overused in MOTU). How would you like to see his legs explained?