Once upon a time in Eternia, there was peace. A rare time without raging wars, battlegrounds or uprisings. It was then when a young couple met and fell in love with each other. Their names were Illumina and Spector. They shared this precious time together, full of love, joy and happiness. But then evil rose again. The manic Keldor was on his quest to rule all of Eternia. Spector had to enlist in the Eternian Army, while Illumina joined forces with Duncan, the kings young Man-At-Arms, to infiltrate Keldor and his evil army of mercenaries. Little was known about what she did, after going to the dark hemisphere, but rumors tell she was extremely succesfull, using her powers and talents to spy on Keldor. However, eventually Keldor and his forces attacked the Council of Elders and were defeated by Duncan and the defenders of Eternia. They were pushed back into the dark hemisphere and the Sorceress of Grayskull erected the Mystic Wall, trapping not only the forces of evil, but Illumina as well!
Spector not only fought brave during the Great Unrest, but also during these dark times when his love seemed to be lost behind the unbreachable wall. He stayed in the army and secretly did all he could to find a way to rescue his beloved one, even trying to utilize the power of Gwildors cosmic key, eventually becoming the time travelling agent known as the Mighty Spector.
While Illumina on the other side of the wall, deep within the dark hemisphere, fell into a state of despair. Constantly in danger, being trapped between the forces of evil and beautiful as a sunrise, she was destined to be the object of assaults. Clever as she was, she saw only one chance to survive: Eat and put on a lot of weight. Thatīs when Illumina became Volumina.