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    MOTUC Visions: Sea Hawk

    I don't know why, but I had to do him next, Sea Hawk is a pretty important character in POP and a also a very cool loking pirate!
    The MOTUC figure would be pretty inexpensive, especially if he can reuse Snout Spout's boots.
    The laser sword could be achived by molding two version: one active and one deactivated, or the saber could be a separate piece molded in translucent plastic that plug into the handle.
    But the handle can also fit in the holster.

    With many thanks to AlessandraF for helping me fixing the face!

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    WOW! I love it!
    I love an all inclusive canon!

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    735 ace.....I want this in plastic form yesterday.

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    You continue to amaze, Emiliano! I really wish you were involved in the MotUC figure-making process!

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    Another Vision!!! I love it!

    I was just staring to get used to Bow becoming a love interest too. Seahawk blows him away! Love the Snout Spout boots!

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    Very cool! I like the idea of two separately molded weapons, just because you wouldn't have to worry about the plug not being tight enough.
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    Can't see the picture for some reason.

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    This design would make me look forward to the character, great job as always Emiliano!
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    Totally awesome as always!
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    Awesome work Emiliano!
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    Very cool! Would be neat to see some extra accessory with him as well, though I think I agree with the two swords thing; one on, one off. There's too much that can go wrong with a removable blade, honestly.

    Anyway, I don't know anything about the guy, so I don't know what kinda extra stuff he could have, but I think he could use at least one other item to round 'em out.
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    Super! I really like the Filmation style
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    One of the Filmation characters that I think does deserve a figure, plus a pirate character for MOTU would be a great addition (we have a cowboy after all). I really like your vision of him but for some reason I can't help but think he might be better with out the neckerchief despite the fact it would make him of model, so ideally that would be removable.
    The removable blade for the sword so the handle can fit in the holster is a great touch.
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    Emiliano, it should be noted that in anchors aloft, Sea hawk recieved the laser rapier, which blade color went from red to blue, or vice versa which is much more powerful then the laser sword that shown in your picture. Also the impact ring was given to him, as well as his bat light shield. All those should be represented in creating the most powerful version of him.
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    He also got completely different boots in Anchors Aloft 2 - that he was still wearing in The Locket...

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    I want one.


    Amazing work, as always!
    Vintage New Adventures deserves to be finished!
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    Quote Originally Posted by facet View Post
    Emiliano, it should be noted that in anchors aloft, Sea hawk recieved the laser rapier, which blade color went from red to blue, or vice versa which is much more powerful then the laser sword that shown in your picture. Also the impact ring was given to him, as well as his bat light shield. All those should be represented in creating the most powerful version of him.
    That would be the quarterly variant known as Battleground Sea Hawk.

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    LOL, cool idea (Battleground Sea Hawk), but I think one Sea Hawk is enough.

    Emiliano, great design. I like the re-use of the Snout Spout boots. I'm not a massive fan of him but I do consider Sea Hawk to be one of those main characters that never got as a toy back in the day (like Adora) so I'd welcome him in classics.

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    Very awesome. The grin works for him like Keldor!! ALso like the ignited and off sabers. That's the only way to do those right!
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