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Thread: Crimson Fury & Count Sneer

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    Crimson Fury & Count Sneer

    Looking for more awesome POP & Horde members to add to your collection?
    Crimson Fury & Count Sneer would be an excellent choice. Think they were from the uk comics. I was impressed with Crimson Fury & Count Sneer. Would be good to see some more lead guy's in with the rebels & Horde army.
    From the comic

    Crimson Fury

    Count Sneer

    Would they make good additions to MOTUC?

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    Yeah, I think they would both make really cool looking figures. Very nice designs on both characters. The Horsemen would knock them out of the park!
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    Count Sneer totally looks like the Etherian John Waters. Thus, I want a figure of him badly.

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    Crimson Fury looks freakin' awesome! I would totally be up for a figure of him! Looks like an awesome addition to the rebellion; perhaps as a mercenary.

    Count Sneer is...okay. Not much unique to him other than his face; otherwise he's just a dude in Horde armor. Would be cool to add something interesting to him.
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    Heck yes to Crimson Fury!

    As for Sneer, I'd like him, but howabout his head gets packed with Horde Trooper army builder sets? Perhaps a peg could attach his "badge."
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    I'm game for both. It's nice to see a character who has a dedicated enemy.
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    I like Count Sneer quite alot. Crimson Fury doesnt do much for me, though I like adding a desert fox to the all incompasing designs of MOTU.

    Between the two though, Sneer.

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    I'm positive I've said this elsewhere, but a big YES to Crimson Fury! I'd take Count Sneer too. Crimson Fury reminds me of Moonlight Knight from Sailor Moon!

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    I loved the story with The Crimson Fury when I had the comic in the 80's! I'd love to see him in MOTUC!! POP needs more wang!

    This was a cool comic story, I loved Scorpia being defeated and sent off home on the back of a Horde Trooper!
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    I didn't know about these guys... they are great!

    I'm all for anything that adds more diverse POP characters. The Rebellion needs more men, and the Horde could always use another cool minion!
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    Crimson Fury is definitlely climbing the ladder in terms of characters i really want. He would have to come with his sword and Talon, his fighting bird as accessories. He is one of a few men that i part of the great rebellion.

    Count sneer would be a cool character way down the line. There are so many more that I would love to see before him, and all he really is a is hordesmen with a title, no really powers or abilities like Admiral Scurvey or Duke Dreer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veebs View Post
    Count Sneer totally looks like the Etherian John Waters. Thus, I want a figure of him badly.
    OMG SO TRUE! we need his toy now!

    the King needs his Queen and pet! Queen Veena and Battle Lion for MOTUC!

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