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For the Star Sisters, the best we could probably get out of Mattel is individual straight-up repaints with no new tooling that are outside of the subscription. Even though I'm usually not too hot on the idea of spending $ on repaints without any other extras being included, it would be nice to get a factory paint job on them at least, which would no doubt exceed anything I could do with my basic-ass paints/brushes.

Anyhow, I should be getting the Star Sisters on the 6th and I'm going to be repainting Tallstar and Jewelstar for sure. I've also got plans to include some of the missing toy elements on Tallstar - the connector pieces on the forearms for sure (which I already have ready) - so hopefully she will come out good enough to convince some more folks to pressure Mattel.

P.S. Love that you posted those customs, Darkspecter!
Tallstar, there's nothing wrong with repainting your figs (heck, you might get a better paint job than the one from the factory!). I've repainted some of my figures, and they look great! Granted, I wish I had way more skills at painting and customizing, but I still like how mine turned out!