I have seen a few Strongarm customs on ebay but missed out, so figured I would check here and see if anybody has any to unload. My son is OBSESSED with getting him. haha Seriously. Obsessed.

Also I am looking for a few more items:

Wind Raider wings
Castle Grayskull elevator
Snake Mountain parts
Skeletor's Robot Knights (I know they were never made, but have seen some custom ones online and wouldn't mind getting some if the price was right. Again - son is OBSESSED with these also.).
King Randor's accessories
I'm sure there are more I am forgetting, but those are the main ones on his Xmas list. He has quite a collection with mine from when I was a kid and the ones I have gotten him since, but he thinks he has to have all of them. haha

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!