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Thread: The Official CLAMP CHAMP WITH A HELMET thread!

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    The Official CLAMP CHAMP WITH A HELMET thread!

    Vote! Write a letter! It's Clamp-Champ in a helmet!

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    looks like helmet Kronis has

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    2,149'll be disappointed unfortunately if you want him to come with his helmet lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eternian Poet View Post
    Vote! Write a letter! It's Clamp-Champ in a helmet!

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    Really? Just 'cuz he's a black dude it's Clamp Champ?
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    who you kidding? thats the young dekker! fool!
    well no... hes just some random back guy.

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    I will state the obvious.

    Already have "guy what is black in helmet" with the Royal guard. What else do you need? It even looks more or less exactly like that picture.

    I'd like to believe this is a joke. Afraid it's not. and I dont know if that is supposed to be Clamp Champ, but I think he looks more American Indian, whoever this guy is.

    You already have what you need for this my man.

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