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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread December 2011

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for December 2011!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    What Is Your Plans On 30th Anniversary SKU's In 2013

    We all know that the 30th anniversary line is going to end by the end of 2012 ! So, how those SKU’s are going to be used in 2013 ? Can we expect another ADD-ON SUB like 30th Anniversary Line ?

    If YES, a Variants ADD-ON SUB (i.e Filmation Variants) would be a great addition in MOTUC Collection ! You can always concentrate on the Vintage/POP/200X/ Mini Comic variants on regular quarterly variant slots !!

    We will be revealing our 2013 plans at SDCC 2012.
    Demo-Man Update?

    It has been two weeks since the sale date. Do you have a date or update as to when these figures will ship out to the customers who bought them?

    They should be arriving in our distributor center over the next week and sent out in early Jan. as soon as we have any more specifics we will post ASAP!
    Club Eternia and 30th Anniversary Subs

    I'm new to the sub service which I signed up for (along with Club Lion Force) back in July. Ive emailed cust service simply asking about the 30th anniv sub and if I could sign up for it still. The response was for me to call (1-800-524-8697).
    So I called today and the some what rude lady on the phone said they have nothing to do with and gave me this number to call (1-877-466-2889). After having to hear myself explain my question to the lady because her equipment was giving bad echo, she could not even understand what I wanted, then told me to call the first number again. Nice run around!

    All I want to know is, is the 30th anniversary sub still available? because I don't remember seeing it available to sign up for in July, and I'd like to get signed up!

    The subs are no longer available bit you can still purchase limited stock for day of purchase each month for all 2012 figures. The 2013 subs will go on sale during SDCC 2012!
    Will We Ever Get a Prince Adam or Cringer Bio?

    Of all the Matty releases (of course not counting TRU 2-packs), figures have received bios except for Prince Adam and Cringer. Will we ever get bios for these two?

    If we ever do single card releases they would get new bios but we don't have anything planned at this time for either fig as a single release. Maybe one day!
    Contest question

    I'm a little confused on the end date. The website says 12/31 (Saturday) but the white mailers that are promoting this says 1/31/12. so which is it!

    The contest is over when the winning entry's figure ships (by or before Dec 31 2012), but the deadline for entries is Dec 31 2011.
    TG: a Mighty Spector Question

    OK so Spector is a Time Traveler, who pops in saves the day and vanishes just like that. Is he acting on his own or are there any others with the same mission as him? (the Spector Corps. Guardians of the current timeline or something...)

    You'll just need to wait for his bio to find out more!
    Create-A-Character Contest deadline extension?

    I know it says that all entries must be postmarked by 12/31/11 and we've already received roughly 5 months to submit our characters. However, is it at all possible to extend the submissions deadline for the Create-A-Character Contest another month, or at least a couple weeks even? Even a few more days for those getting their last minute submissions together? I would really appreciate it, and I am sure many others would too. Thank you!

    Unfortunately to stay on schedule we need to keep with the Dec 31st cut off!


    How can POP only get one monthly figure release in 2012?

    There are quite a few rumours saying that POP will only be getting one monthly figure slot in 2012 and obviously alot of fans are not happy about this particuarly on HE-MAN.ORG.

    The Great Rebellion is practically non existant as it is, Shadow Weaver is not a Rebel and the Star Sisters take up a multi-pack/beast slot not the 12 monthly figure slots and are not core POP characters. I read a previous answer where you said POP already had quite a bit but POP fans want core important Rebellion members such as Glimmer, Frosta, Castaspella, Queen Angella and Mermista.

    Another suggestion I read was that Sea Hawk was due to be released in 2013 so even if it's not true can I just say (as someone who is well in tune with what POP fans want since I read all the POP related threads) that using Sea Hawk as the POP incentive figure for a 2013 subscription really won't work POP fans want the core important female rebels first.

    How can POP one of the most popular and most loved aspects of MOTUC get only one monthly figure slot for a year?

    Thanks for your question. Let me use your post to help clear up quite a few issues.

    1: First and foremost, you are asking a question based on unconfirmed rumors and online speculation. We have not announced anyone past Horde Prime. You'll just need to wait for NYTF for the next big reveals!If rumors keep you up at night, stop paying attention to them. They are only rumors and not confirmed announcements. ;-)

    2: I think a lot of POP issues may stream from the way the Horsemen and I (and Terry etc..) viewed their inclusion in the line and the way some fans do. First off, POP in our minds 100% includes POP villains like Catra and Shadow Weaver. Catra was in the vintage POP toyline and SW was exclusive to the POP series. It also includes POP oversized/beasts like Swiftwind. All bring more POP to the line. Some fans also tend to drill down a bit further from MOTUC > POP > Rebellion Members > Female Rebellion members > Female Rebellion Members that had toys in the vintage line.

    When you are this specific we may not meet your request right away. This is just simply too specific for us to view the limited slots we have each year. Just like we did not get to both a Space Mutant and a Galactic Protector last year, New Adventures was present. We totally know fans want the main POP ladies and of course we are looking for way to bring them to the line. POP has had more representation then Snake Men, Horde, or New Adventures when you look at everything released thus far. And we know there is a lot more to get to in time. Stay tuned. I promise POP will continue to play an important part in the line.

    I've also seen some fans only look at the 12 monthly figure slots as where items must be. And again, this is getting too specific. We view the line more as the full year of everything in the sub. Remember, continuing into 2012 the sub includes quarterly beasts/multipacks and quarterly variants. So a subcatagory like POP, NA, Mini Comics, 200X, Filmation, etc... could be covered in any of the slots in the sub. With this in mind, you are already getting 3 members of the Great Rebellion in 2012 already, Starla, Jewelstar and Tallstar. Plus the sub exclusive is a POP female. That's already more POP in Q1 then we have done in any previous year in total. Saying these figures do not count because they were not members of the core Filmation/vintage toy line or is not specifically in a monthly slot is just getting too specific for a toy line with such limited skus each year. We just can't drill down this deep when filling slots.

    And as announced there is still more POP coming in the full sub 2012 line. Whether that is a monthly figure or figures or quarterly item or items it could be anything from a good guy/gal, bad guy/gal, rebellion member, filmation character or Josh from the mini comics. What you will get beyond Horde Primw has yet to be revealed. But more POP is coming in 2012.

    Hope this helps!

    Which Figures Can Fit Inside the Wind Raider?

    I bought 4 of these and was wondering which currently released characters can fit inside the Wind Raider? Did you test it on all the Masters?

    BA He-Man
    BG Teela
    Man E Faces
    Chief Carnivus
    She-Ra 1
    She-Ra 2.0

    Thanks Scott!

    Pretty much character with attached capes or wings or tails will not fit. He-Man, Man-At-Arms and Skeletor all fit just fine. You can use them as a benchmark. Personally, I have Lt. Spector flying the one on my desk.
    ToyGuru Please address this about the december sub charges?

    I know you read the bords and you know how upset everyone is at this poind about the Demo-Man delay. I understand unforseen things happen and you to were told last minute.

    My question is this We have Dec sub orders already placed in our order history and December Subscription emails have been received this morning.
    Are we being charged this month and then our Dec sub orders ship as soon as you get Demo-Man in stock be it end of this month or early January or are we being charged for Decembers Sub in January should Demo-Man not ship by end of December?

    Also If you can please move things along The MattyCollector website still DOES NOT have the 12/15 sale items listed and the 12/15 sale day is in two days. I want to get a wind raider but whoever updates the mattycollector site isn't doing their job. Please get the 12/15 sale day items listed right away?

    Customers will be charged for Demo-Man when he ships. Any change to your card is an authorization (to ensure funds are/will be available) not an actual charge.
    Demo Man - Changes?

    Many customers are upset about the delay.

    Maybe you can say, if & how Demo Man will be changed to explain better, why we have to wait for several weeks more for this awesome figure?

    Making secretes out of this won't make the customers happier...

    I wish there was more to say, but every so often a figure runs late. This was the case and at the last minute he just wasn't going to make it in time to ship Dec 15th and we alerted fans as soon as we found out. Everyone with a sub or who orders him will still get him in very late Dec or very early Jan as soon as we can them out the door as fast as we can!
    Regarding flight stands

    Just wondering when and if the flight stands will be available for sale?

    The flights stands are sold out and no plans to go back into production right now.
    Now that you announced Weapons Pak 3...

    Can you please put Draego-Man's accessories that wont be coming with the figure in there? No fair showing us things we can't get! Like that, ahem... Battle Ram!!!


    I can confirm that Battle Ram will not be in a Weapons Pak. nice try!
    Create a Character Contest question

    It's wonderful to see that 'Create a Character Contest' is open to MOTU fans once again!

    With SO many outstanding entries being submitted, I was wondering whether Mattel plans to share images of Top-50/Top-100 (based on rounds of elimitation or whatnot) with MOTU fans after the fact. I'm sure a majority of us fans would Love to see them.
    Since all entries become Mattel's property, I imagine it's feasible.

    This is still something we are reviewing. Right now, the only thing we can confirm is the one winner will be revealed at SDCC at our fan panel.
    200X Battle Raptor in MOTUC... Is he a possible candidate?

    I was browsing through the 200X line and came across the Battle Raptor from the 2002 show, then I found this picture of MOTUC Beast Man riding him. I really like this creature and the fact that he can fit MOTUC figures on his back.

    Do you think he's a candidate for MOTUC?

    Sure, anything is possible but no plans right now.
    Follow up - Cap Glenn tunic in Adora colors

    I just wanted to post this - after cutting the original Adora tunic off, I then put on Cap Glenn's. Fits really nicely. A Cap Glenn's tunic in Adora's colors for the weapons pack would be amazing! How do you think it looks ToyGuru?

    Anything is possible but nothing to announce now.
    Couple of questions on the create-a-character contest...

    Couple of quick questions on the contest-

    You state that "All entries will be numbered as they come in. The judges will not know the names of the winner until the winner is chosen." Should we not include that information on the submission then? My son came up with our character which we then expanded on, so I mention his first name (not last name) in the background text on the sheet. Will this be blacked out or something on the sheet before it reaches the judges? Should we not include any further contact info on the actual submission?

    Second- You state that entries "MUST be on an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper". Now- Does that include front AND back, or can we only use one side of the paper?

    You can put ANYTHING you want on one single side of an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of a paper. If you want to fill that paper with different angles of the figures, that is great. If you want one angle and a full bio and name, that is fine too. It is up to you.

    Any entries on multiple pieces of paper will have everything but the first page disguarded and the back page will not be reviewed. Only one side of one piece of paper will be reviewed by the judges. They will only have access to your name if you include it on that one page.

    Most entries haves includes the characters name as well on that one side. Some have not. Your call if you think the name is a selling point to your character!
    TG, Your Personal Figures Wish List That Deserves 2.0 Treatment !

    I know some of them definitely need a 2.0 tweak ! Can you tell us the list from your very mouth ?

    FOR FUN : We want your alter ego's answer as well ! SCOTT - MOTUC Fan & TG - Brand Manger Of MOTUC !!

    Love to take another crack at Teela and He-Man. Although I honestly don't see that happening anytime soon. We are so limited on the number of skus we get each year that giving them to all new characters almost always takes priority.

    The main reason we got to a She-Ra 2.0 is to allow her to sit on Swiftwind. We haven't really had as compelling a reason to "have to" do another 2.0. Sure it would be "nice" but when we have such limited development skus it can come down to, should we do another Teela/He-Man or an all new character like Mosquitor or Cataspella? Usually all new character wins. We just don't have resources to do unlimited figures each year!
    Why No Interactions with Matty Collector MOTUC Forum Members ?

    It seems you did that in the past (like reading/joining the discussions), But now you are just answering the questions on Ask Matty !

    What happened ? Are you still “exploring” MOTU Classics Forums ?

    I simply don't have as much time these days to spend on the boards (as I wish I did!) and I find hanging out on the Ask Matty forum is sometimes the best way to get answers directly to fans. I do try to hit the other boards, but sometimes it just comes down to time and Ask Matty is a lot of times the most direct way to get back to people.
    Are You Saving Fan's Idea's ?

    I know you can’t note everything, but are you saving some interesting fans ideas like Force Captain Adora (Adora 2.0 on female buck 2.0) with swappable upper jackets, one plain & one with horde logo OR Glow In The Dark Power Sword in future weapon pack 3 that pops up in forums like in MOTUC Ask Matty ?

    NOTE : This QUESTION IS NOT ABOUT “LISTENING” FANS ! We know you are making little "changes" when fans are pointing about a certain "issue" on revealed figures. What I am asking is about the ideas for future figures !

    Fans will be really happy to see if their "tips" are taken into the account future products !

    Yes, I keep notes and save images fan's post online all the time.
    vehicules or beast?

    I want to know if when you release mantisaur or maybe spydor, this would be fit like vehicules or beast? thanks scott, the line is awesome.

    Mantisaur would likely be a beast, Spydor a vehicle. But no plans for either at this time.

    carry a lot of figures in the collection, but the factions remained affected and apparently will remain in future snakemens, this year we will see something more of them? I think it may be the best figures of the collection

    There are more Snake Men coming! Snake Man At Arms will have his final figure shown at NYTF in Feb.
    I was looking my my Swift Wind and BP She-Ra with admiration and it got me thinking about Adora and Spirit…

    Would it be possible to do an Adora 2.0 release at the same time as Spirit, the way you did with Swift Wind and BP She-Ra?

    Here’s what I was thinking:
    Adora 2.0: She could come with Captain Glenn’s updated and removable body suit that can be swapped out for the robe that Adora wears in The Secret of The Sword. (The robe matches Spirits headdress)

    Spirit: Swifty buck, but WITHOUT the wing holes. And with the head dress as seen in the Filmation cartoon.
    And with 2 hidden/secret accessories. 2 folded/closed wings that can be swapped out for the existing wings on Swift Wind. (Just to be clear, these wings are NOT compatible with Spirit. Only the existing Swifty figure.)

    Anything is possible but no plans right now.
    Horde troopers

    When you do get round to doing the horde trooper, will it be a single or double pack? and will they have black or brown hands?

    Sorry, we can't comment in unannounced figures!
    Cap Glenn tunic in Adora colors?

    is the Cap. Glenn tunic to big for a weapons pak?
    fan's would love it in Adora's colors this fall

    Too big, I guess not. But there are no plans right now for it.

    Matty will you release the 200x version of Prince Adam into the MOTUC, I think if you did you can the body type from him to make some of the younger motu such as from the filmation..etc

    We certainly could do a teenage version of Adam, but it would not have any of the style elements of 200X. It would be in Classics Style. But no plans at this time.
    Battle Cat Armor

    If Battle Cat's 200X Armor was ever to be made how would you get it out? Would you make a large size Weapons Pak or would it come with Battle Lion?

    I suppose anything is possible but we don't have plans for different armor for Battle Cat at this time. So "how it will be made" is a conversation that simply has not happened.
    Accessories-why not more?

    Posing figures is the main thing, when you presenting your toys on the shelf.

    Why we don't get more accessories work with current figures? 2 Weapons Paks in 3 years seems to be not much. The Rack is more for deco, weapons colors don't work that good with figures.

    Having a bunch of alternate, matching weapons is always a good thing, especially when they are only repaints.

    Can we expect more accessories in the future?

    Most figures will come with at least 2 accessories. There may be some exceptions, but we do try for this. There is also a new Weapons Pak coming in fall 2012.
    Missing POP

    The folks of Shadow Weavers Realm, a facebook fan group, have expressed mounting anxiety when it comes to the ratio of POP figures in MOTUC as compared to the core MOTU characters. With the number of MOTU characters remaining to be made into figures, can we expect to see an increase in the number of POP, NA, Filmation, etc figures in a given year? Example: 2-3 POP figs increased to 3-4.

    We've already announced 4 POP females for the first quarter of 2012 alone. Yes I know we have not done "Glimmer" but we are still hitting POP pretty hard. To date we have already done:

    Bubble Power She-Ra
    Shadow Weaver

    Compare that to another faction like:

    New Adventures:


    Snake Men:
    King Hssss
    Snake Man-At Arms

    POP has actually had quite a bit. Sure we may have not done your favorite yet, but we are hitting POP every year. And yes you can argue that Catra and Weaver are Horde, but keep in mind Catra was released as a vintage POP figure, so we're really splitting hairs if you dig this deep and over think it.

    More POP is coming. We have a long term roadmap!
    Can We Have Yet Another "Cyber Monday" Type Sale In This Month (December) ?

    You may think its greedy, but since the prices are going UP in 2012, Fans (like me) will have "ONE MORE SHOT" at the figures that we've missed in the past ! It will also be like giving a "Final Chance" for the fans from your side !

    TG, can you please consider this ????

    The only sale for Dec is the normal monthly sale on the 15th.
    Instead of Orko

    If Prince Adam is released on his own card, instead of Orko as the accessory could we see Dree Elle or Yukkers with him

    No. A Trollan is way to big to be an accessory on a basic figure.
    Why the change in Demo-Man's color?

    My question is this...Why Did Mattel go with the brighter neon Green coloring on Demo-Man rather than the coloring The Horsemen used on their Prototype? The figure is a lot brighter than we expected. was this a design choice or a factory mistake during production?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this

    Terry worked closely with the Horsemen to get a color scheme they all liked for the character. Adjustments are almost always made between proto and final figure.
    Jitso like Fisto?

    i LOVE that Fisto can go from 80's to 2000x *hope we see lots of that* but i was wondering is there hope that Jitso can do that to? his 2000x belt, long hair and sword are so cool looking

    We will cross the bridge when and if we get to Fisto.
    30th anniversary

    hey guys just wondering if people are thinking somewhat like me. I over the last few years have gone back and collected the original moc 8 backs that came out to promote and get the he-man line going. These 8 backs have become a thing of legend and i think it would be cool if mattel could celebrate the 30th by releasing the new versions of the 8 back figures on the old colour style card. I think it would be great to get something like this cmon its the 30th who would have thought it would have got this far. Maybe instead of re-issuing skeletor and he-man next december the same way give us the original packaging colours and put together a 8 back set for christmas i'd by that and it gives incentive for fans to repurchase he-man again. Just a thought let me know what you huys think.

    A really cool idea, but not in the plans right now.
    A Possibly Delicate Question..?

    Hi! This is likely one of those "Keep Reading The Bios" questions, but I am curious:

    The Sorceress' Bio states that Skeletor cloned her (producing Teela) because he sought "a magic-wielding bride to pass on his legacy". Does this mean that somehow Skeletor is NOT aware that he was married to (and produced an heir with) Evil-Lyn back in his Keldor days? This was not overtly stated in BattleGround Evil-Lyn's Bio.

    In the MYP 200X telling of Skeletor's Origin, there were no indications of memory loss during Keldor's transformation to Skeletor (he still held the same fiery grudge against Randor, for instance), but that telling ALSO didn't include Demo-Man's involvement, although it seems clear that Keldor was driven at least temporarily insane by the process on the TV show, as touched upon in Demo-Man's Bio.

    Of COURSE I will "Keep Reading The Bios" (:^D), just hoping for a smidge of clarification here. Thanks a lot!

    There is a clue in Battleground Evil Lyn's bio.
    Battle Armo(u)r Faker - for non-US fans

    Battle Armor (or Armour, as the Queen's English would dictate Razzer) Faker... he's not available to those outside the US save for decent contacts or eBay.

    Will he be (eventually) re-released as a single figure on Mattycollector? Some of us outside of the US (I'm in Australia) would like to be able to own him without sacrificing mortgage payments.

    And before you say "he's an exclusive item, you should have to pay for what that commands"... I don't have that much of a problem with that. But shipping basically doubles the amount of a figure from the US, and generally Mattycollector's shipping is quite reasonable compared to eBay sellers.

    There are no plans to release him on since he is a Toys R Us item.
    Fan Poll .org and German selections

    Thank you for doing a fan feedback/vote figure.

    What happens if a figure submitted by or the German site (sorry German site, I forget your name) is already planned on the master road map?

    One option might be we could consider replacing that figure down the road with the second runner up from the contest and do the winner first. But we will need to wait and see what happens.

    Hi, is WonderCon still a possibility for a convention appearance next year?

    That is not locked down yet.
    Error in Shadow Weaver / Leech Bio

    In the Shadow Weaver Bio we can read: Born in the Etherian Kingdom of Mystacor, Beatrix was once known as Light Spinner and served as an apprentice to the great mage, Norwyn. When Hordak arrived on Etheria during his exile in Despondos, he promised her....

    That means that Hordak meets Weaver first time on Etheria.
    In the Leech Bio: A Slebetor Slug-man from deep in the Lake of Gnarl, Leech was called from the depths by a magic spell of Hordak to bolster his forces against King Grayskull and the Snake Men during the Great Wars. Mindwiped by Hordak’s lead witch, Leech became a loyal member of his Horde Army...

    I think that Weaver ist Hordaks lead witch, but she can't mindwiped Leech during the great wars against Grayskull, or?

    Who said Leech's bio was referring to Shadow Weaver?
    TP He-Man's Loin-Cloth Colours

    Is the belt colour deco of TP He-Man is gonna be in red like the prototype OR will it be in orange colour like the vintage TP He-Man figure ?

    I actually don't know yet. We don't have a painted sample in.
    2012 Sub. Holders - Will We have first picks of Items ouside of sub?

    Since production numbers are going down to subscription numbers for next year, does this mean that items outside of the subscription will have fewer production numbers as well?

    If yes, can subscription holders (since we're the one's keeping the line alive as you stated) have first picks of items ouside of the sub. (Ex: We can buy items days before actual sale)?

    This would be a great incentive to join for 2013.

    It is something we are actively working on but won't be a feature we'll have ready for Jan. Hopefully it is something we can execute later in 2012. Still working on this. But it is something we want to do.
    A Fan Vote for SMAA?

    As changes are being made to SMAA for NYTF 2012, can we possibly get a fan vote on which version of SMAA fans like better (as you've done in the past i.e. the color of Man-E-Faces).

    SMMA shown at NYCC 2011 vs SMAA shown at NYTF 2012

    Is there any possibility for such a poll, or will he be too far in production at that point?

    Looking forward to your response... Thanks for your time.

    We're well past any point of changes at this time. While we did not do a poll, we did take a lot of fan feedback in mind as we reviewed what changes were logistically possible. The final figure will be shown at NYTF with some adjustments to shared parts and deco.
    Subscription exclusives

    I was wondering if Mattel ever thought to include more exclusives in the subscriptions, that could not be purchased on sale day. Whether it's quarterly variants or vehicles. This will probably make a lot of people mad but to give more incentive with the subscribers.

    At this time (at least for MOTU/Club Eternia) there is one sub figure and we sometimes sneak in other incentives such as Snout Spout's sticker sheet or product coupons. But there is only one figure for 2012 - Shadow Weaver!
    Who do I contact about Review Samples?

    I'm going to be starting an action figure review site very soon and wanted to know who I had to contact in hopes of obtaining review samples in the future. If it's a private matter, feel free to PM me.

    I'm also curious whom I contact for the Ask Matty segments.

    There are litterally hundreds of sites that request samples and we keep them all on record for when samples are available. The best thing to do is go to and contact PR/Media relations.
    Error in Fisto's bio?

    In Fisto's bio it says:
    The older brother of Duncan, Randor's first Man-At-Arms, Malcom served under King Miro during the Great Unrest

    But in Randor's bio it says regarding the Great Unrest:
    the Great Unrest, a time when conflict returned to Eternia following the Count Marzo Uprisings and the subsequent betrayal by [Randor's] half brother Keldor

    And in Marzo's bio:
    [Marzo] staged a series of strategic uprisings across the planet and challenged King Miro for his crown. Unable to defeat the King's army, Marzo used his magical amulet to banish Miro to another dimension. In their father's absence, [Keldor and Randor] heroically joined together and defeated the wizard, trapping him in the form of a powerless, old man.

    From the bios it seems that the great Unrest follows the Count Marzo Uprising - during which Miro is banished to Despondos. So, how is it possible that Fisto serves under King Miro during the Great Unrest?

    The first part of the Great Unrest started with Marzo's uprising with Keldor and Randor fighting side by side to defend Eternia.

    The second part of the Unrest started after Marzo's defeat and Keldor's betrayal.

    The Unrest finally ended with Keldor's defeat and banishment behind the mystic wall.
    Shadow Weaver's Color Changed?!?!

    You guys gave me a stroke just now. Images on Toynewsi are showing inpackage pics of Shadow Weaver as Orko red, not pink as shown at SDCC.

    Why did you change the color? And please tell me this isn't true!

    Working with the Horsemen, Terry helped adjust her color to match Orko a bit more as intended. As noted in the caption on Facebook, she looks a bit darker then she actually is in the package due to the lighting.
    battle armor he-man

    has battle armor he-man been reissued already? i missed him if he has.

    He may be back in time.
    More PoP in 2012?

    In the past you have let us know how many females are left for the year.

    Any chance I can convince you to drop that hint again this year?

    What are we looking at post-June 2012? How many gals? How many POP gals?

    We've already had three POP female heroes and 1 POP female villain announced. That is already more then any other year. What else is coming in 2012 is yet to be announced!
    I have 3 subs but Matty only sent me 1 Snout Spout & 1 Swift Wind. Why?

    I have 3 subs, and have all year. When I got my November shipment, it only had 1 Swift Wind and 1 Snout Spout. The packing list that came with my figures showed that I was shipped 3 of each, and my credit card was charged for 3 of each!

    Why did Matty and Digital River rip me off? What gives? Why is it that EVERY month Digital River and Matty find a new way to tick off and screw over their customers?

    Mistakes and human error does happen. Please just contact customer service and they will help you out!
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    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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