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Thread: All Hail the Yellow Warrior from Tug of War!!!

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    All Hail the Yellow Warrior from Tug of War!!!

    Description: An unnamed man in a yellow tunic joins Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Fisto in a fruitless attempt to budge He-Man during a contest of tug-of-war. Afterwards, he disappears from the story, never to be seen again. Nothing else is known about this mysterious man.

    From the rich and involved back story, to the detailed conceptual drawings, what's not to love about this prized MOTU character?

    If he doesn't eventually get made we are all being TAKEN FOR THE ASS and it's going to KIELLL TEH LIEN!!!1!!!!!!1!

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    Illumina is more obscure than this guy...but at least she has a name.

    Let's give him one.....he's apparently good at TOW, and he's the tail end...

    An-Kor....or Tug-or
    Recent.... HATMOTU Beast Man & Evil Seed
    Wanted.... Filmation Mer-Man, Teela & Sorceress
    Needed.... MOTUC Lord Masque

    Oh man, did I forget to use these [sarcasm][/sarcasm] again? Sorry....

    Check here for my My collection page, MOTU and more!

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    I was initially going to point out the original thread for this character and remind everyone that the search feature is your friend. However, I then realized that this thread is, in essence, a thread in jest, solely to poke fun at those who truly want this figure to be made. So, I decided to close it for the latter reason.

    Please, folks, remember to respect other board members and their opinions. Just because you don't want a figure made doesn't mean that no one else does as well.

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