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Thread: Da DDD (The Demo Man Display Dilemma)

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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    Demo-Man is going to be on the shelf next to Vikor, since he is Vikor's nemesis. Vikor is on my alternate He-Man shelf with Wundar and my Oo-Larr.
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    OK, so I finally made up my mind: Preternia/PoG shelf, next to Vikor. Skelly will get his evil Alcala-face.
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    I will have him with Keldor and Kronis. Not sure exactly how he will look with them but that may change when he gets here...
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    I'm trying to work out if I will buy an extra Demo-Man to pose with the Skeletor head ... or just stick with one green headed Demo-Man as per the concept art and an Alcala head Skeletor.
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