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Thread: Starship Eternia power module button

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    Starship Eternia power module button

    i'm hoping some of you with starship eternia open can help me.
    apparently i'm missing something regarding the actuator "button" for the lights/sounds power module. mine simply has a threaded metal stem with a nut holding it to the plastic... nothing to push to turn it on. if i stick a paper clip down into the hole in the metal stem, it turns on, as something internal is obviously making contact. but, what is it that's SUPPOSED to be included here that makes this work? and, is it supposed to be designed such that it only does the lights and sounds WHILE you're pushing down the button... and shuts off as soon as you let go? could anyone provide detailed close-up photos of what all is involved in the components of the "button", and describe how it's constructed/assembled, so i can better perhaps rig something up? or, better yet, if someone miraculously has an extra they could spare, please let me know! thanks guys!

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    Id like to learn more too! Having the same issue.

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    Howdy, I will take some pics of mine tonight and post em for ya guys!
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