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  • Blue and Purple camouflage

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Thread: MOTUC NA Polls - Nocturna

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    MOTUC NA Polls - Nocturna

    This is the first in a series of polls I'm going to be running on The New Adventures in MOTUC.

    Which colour scheme do you want Nocturna to have in MOTUC?

    Personally Nocturna is my least favourite Galactic Guardian and its mainly to do with his colour scheme. I just think the blue and purple camouflage looks terrible, I much prefer the full purple outfit that he had in the concept art, UK/German comics and some other media.

    So which version of Nocturna do you want in MOTUC,

    The Cartoon and vintage toy version:


    The Concept art, UK/German comics and annual version:

    Its interesting to note that in the UK/German comics Nocturna had some psychic powers such as telepathy and mind control. The annual bio above also mentions his immense powers of concentration, where as the figure bio doesn't mention these powers at all.

    Also what colour hair do you want Nocturna to have?
    Black like the figure or blonde like the cartoon? I prefer black.
    Does anybody know if I can edit the poll to add the hair colour options as well?

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