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Thread: Would You Buy an ADD-ON Filmation Variants SUB In 2013 ?

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    No. I don't mind getting variants every now and then, but I'd rather get characters, both old and new, released as figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TUC138 View Post
    Would You Buy an ADD-ON Filmation Variants SUB In 2013?
    Can't say that I would...or did.
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    I buy ANY ADD-ON to MOTUC line. That's it.

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    Not for me. I am not a huge fan of varients unless they are due to them existing in figure form previously.
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    I'd buy an add-on for variants from across all of MOTU - Filmation, 200x, NA, PoP

    Maybe like a 6 figure sub consisting of Filmation Hordak, Captain Randor, Flying Fists He-Man, NA Skeletor, Roboto 2.0 (200x) and UK Adora as examples. The other 6 figures for the year can be another Filmation mini sub.
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