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But she isn't Filmation Lyn. She's in 200X colors, but has the wrong costume.

Instead of doing BGEL in Filmation colors, that's TWO more Evil-Lyn variants that take up slots from other characters (Filmation AND 200X Evil-Lyns) to get this all right.
See I don't know what you guys are talking about.

This may not be a Filmation replica, but when most of us want "Filmation" versions we are not being that ultra-specific. We simply mean, that they look like they did on the show. Which Evil-Lyn has never done. Most of us aren't asking for exact replicas, or "dumbed down" sculpting like those who dislike Filmation like to pretend. She looks pretty darn close to me - and I love her. I've been waiting 30 years for this. This is Evil-Lyn, not some figure who looks like someone broke open a fluorescent yellow marker and dumped it all over her.

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Congrats, I'm happy for you. I, however, expect more than what is essentially a repaint for the fourth time when I'm shelling out $30 for these figures; more in my case since I have multiple subs. Particularly since we were promised that when the quarterly variants were put into the sub they'd have full tooling budgets.
Well, they also said only obscure characters would be sub exclusives. We saw how that ended up. Not that I excuse the fact, but it's true and we know it.

Did you complain similarly about Hordak? That he just has a new piece of armor slapped on him, and some really cheap looking plastic things to stick in the arm hole?

I guess this is why I don't post here much, because so many people seem so singularly focused on "200x, 200x". A toyline that was already made. It's a great show, though I don't care for the figures really. I see them cheap on eBay all the time and I never bite. A toyline that they specifically have said they will NOT remake.

But...I know, I'm not going to change anyone's mind. But I am going to post how pleased I am with this figure, because if you read these posts it sounds like she's just the most awful thing ever. It's not true, and it's not what I think the majority of fans would think.

Mark my word, we will start to see people come into this line after being exposed to this character. Just like I saw Adora on eBay, thought she was a custom, then discovered this line - people will see Evil-Lyn and be drawn in just the same.

In the bubble of "MOTU fandom", people tend to forget what MOTU is to the rest of the world. Most people don't know what the heck Pre-eternia is, or any of that stuff before or after. It means the He-man and She-ra shows they watched as children. And oh yeah, they had toys. Everyone who was a kid in the 80's knows and probably watched these shows at one point or another. THESE are the figures that bring those people to the line. Not 200x variants, or characters from some obscure comic book. Millions and millions of kids watched these shows (and, at one time, She-ra even had better ratings than He-man). There are many of them who silently buy and don't post at MC, or come to He-man.org.

I guess my point is - this figure is far from the failure some make it out to be. If it's not your personal cup of tea, fine. But it could be the smartest figure they have made since Adora - and add Shadow Weaver, and you are going to see interest grow in this line. That benefits us ALL.