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    Quote Originally Posted by EtherianChronicles View Post
    And she won't be. How many times do they have to say, "We will not be remaking 200x figures, they are retired"?

    They have said they will include influences, extra heads - and for a new Evil Lyn, she got quite a bit of 200x influence. But she's not totally 200x. Which they said - will not happen.
    These say different. If BGEL had quite a few new tools, then I KNOW Snake Alliance Evil-Lyn could work with her 3-4 new tools.

    She has 200x coloring, 200x extra head, she is the first time the vintage style has been used on a non-fluorescent marker yellow figure...

    As a Filmation fan, I'm happy that she looks pretty much like the TV show. Yes, slightly different paint scheme (done to please 200x fans - not a lot of good that did). But she looks a hell of a lot more than Evil Lyn from the show than any figure that has come out, ever, in any line.

    I think people need to adjust their expectations. How many times do they have to say they will not do straight remakes of 200x? A good portion of this figure has 200x influences, yet as a Filmation fan (like many) I am happy with her. But 200x fans are upset she didn't go "all the way". When they have said...they will not be going "all the way".

    But I'm just wasting my breath, though, cause this has all been said. But it's like some 200x fans keep sticking their fingers in their ears and refusing to hear the truth - Classics is not about remaking 200x. 200x got a ton of 200x in this Evil-Lyn - but I keep hearing, "it's not enough". If as a Filmation fan I can think she is "enough" for me, and she has a 200x color scheme, it's tough to see the constant complaints acting like she's defective because she's not EXACTLY 200x.

    Like a figure, or don't - but I think 200x fans complaints are based on unrealistic expectations. But if years of TG explaining this, probably not much good I can do.
    What is so unrealistic about a newly tooled dress with a waist twist on the same figure? They did it with She-Ra. Is that so impossible?

    We don't want a straight conversion to 200X Lyn. How many times must I tell you this? The figure is fine, except for the dress.

    We asked and campaigned for one thing, which Mattel acknowledged and gave us something else. "Quite a few new tools?"
    I thought they read the message boards?

    This is exactly the misunderstanding that causes the strife between fans of the various eras, known as The Era Wars.

    If you still don't understand it, maybe you shouldn't comment on it. I've explained it to you over and over, yet you don't want to hear it and you continue to belittle 200X who have legitimately asked for this figure since 2010.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    The Four Horsemen (who sculpt the MOTUC figures) said in an interview they did not give her the 200X top and skirt because female buck 2.0 (which Bubble Power She-Ra uses) wasn't completed at the time, but they knew it was coming. If they made the new outfit, it would only be one piece (no waist-twist), which they knew would make many people they decided to just have the old one repainted and hope to revisit her in the future.

    That's why many people wonder why she wasn't merely delayed and another, easy to make figure, wasn't slotted in her place. ...or at least painted like the Filmation version (as Met-Hild posted above).
    Maybe you should provide a link to that post, Dark. I can link to it in the Index.
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