I found this answer from Toyguru about PoP in 2012. He totally mentions Josh too!

Clawdeen's question: There are quite a few rumours saying that POP will only be getting one monthly figure slot in 2012 and obviously alot of fans are not happy about this particuarly on HE-MAN.ORG.

The Great Rebellion is practically non existant as it is, Shadow Weaver is not a Rebel and the Star Sisters take up a multi-pack/beast slot not the 12 monthly figure slots and are not core POP characters. I read a previous answer where you said POP already had quite a bit but POP fans want core important Rebellion members such as Glimmer, Frosta, Castaspella, Queen Angella and Mermista.

Another suggestion I read was that Sea Hawk was due to be released in 2013 so even if it's not true can I just say (as someone who is well in tune with what POP fans want since I read all the POP related threads) that using Sea Hawk as the POP incentive figure for a 2013 subscription really won't work POP fans want the core important female rebels first.

How can POP one of the most popular and most loved aspects of MOTUC get only one monthly figure slot for a year?

Toyguru's answer: Thanks for your question. Let me use your post to help clear up quite a few issues.

1: First and foremost, you are asking a question based on unconfirmed rumors and online speculation. We have not announced anyone past Horde Prime. You'll just need to wait for NYTF for the next big reveals!If rumors keep you up at night, stop paying attention to them. They are only rumors and not confirmed announcements. ;-)

2: I think a lot of POP issues may stream from the way the Horsemen and I (and Terry etc..) viewed their inclusion in the line and the way some fans do. First off, POP in our minds 100% includes POP villains like Catra and Shadow Weaver. Catra was in the vintage POP toyline and SW was exclusive to the POP series. It also includes POP oversized/beasts like Swiftwind. All bring more POP to the line. Some fans also tend to drill down a bit further from MOTUC > POP > Rebellion Members > Female Rebellion members > Female Rebellion Members that had toys in the vintage line.

When you are this specific we may not meet your request right away. This is just simply too specific for us to view the limited slots we have each year. Just like we did not get to both a Space Mutant and a Galactic Protector last year, New Adventures was present. We totally know fans want the main POP ladies and of course we are looking for way to bring them to the line. POP has had more representation then Snake Men, Horde, or New Adventures when you look at everything released thus far. And we know there is a lot more to get to in time. Stay tuned. I promise POP will continue to play an important part in the line.

I've also seen some fans only look at the 12 monthly figure slots as where items must be. And again, this is getting too specific. We view the line more as the full year of everything in the sub. Remember, continuing into 2012 the sub includes quarterly beasts/multipacks and quarterly variants. So a subcatagory like POP, NA, Mini Comics, 200X, Filmation, etc... could be covered in any of the slots in the sub. With this in mind, you are already getting 3 members of the Great Rebellion in 2012 already, Starla, Jewelstar and Tallstar. Plus the sub exclusive is a POP female. That's already more POP in Q1 then we have done in any previous year in total. Saying these figures do not count because they were not members of the core Filmation/vintage toy line or is not specifically in a monthly slot is just getting too specific for a toy line with such limited skus each year. We just can't drill down this deep when filling slots.

And as announced there is still more POP coming in the full sub 2012 line. Whether that is a monthly figure or figures or quarterly item or items it could be anything from a good guy/gal, bad guy/gal, rebellion member, filmation character or Josh from the mini comics. What you will get beyond Horde Primw has yet to be revealed. But more POP is coming in 2012.

Hope this helps!


One thing I'm a tad confused about from his answer...what's classified as "Evil Horde" and what's classified as "PoP"?

*Evil-Horde Catra, with a Horde sticker on her bubble...in her Horde outfit from the cartoon is classified as PoP
*Shadow Weaver is classified as PoP, with Horde sticker on her bubble.
*Horde Prime...originated in Filmation PoP cartoon...but is THE main Horde member. Is he PoP too?

I'm very confused over this classification system.