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Thread: Toyguru talks about PoP in 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by kagamigod View Post
    Please don't think I don't want toy looks for the characters for those who want them. I have my preference and you yours. I just don't see Mattel retreading on (I use this loosely as this is not my opinion) unpopular characters just for the sake of offering the toy look as well. Besides this whole "Battleground" garbage has to stop somewhere.
    It's hard to say what the FourHorsemen will sculpt (another reason PoP fans are freaking out for more than the 5 Great Rebellion members we will have by February 2012). Many people thought She-Ra 1.0 was too bland. A bunch of people that were upset we were upset, saying she was agree that she was too bland upon getting She-Ra 2.0 and hope future PoP ladies look like her. 2.0's details are the 80's PoP toy details. I personally hope to see this trend continue in the line. She-Ra 2.0 has gone over very well.

    For the BIG differences (like Castaspella, Kowl and Queen Angella) I would like to see variants of them eventually.

    Also, thumbs up for PrinceAdam101's post!
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