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Thread: New Adventures NA Teela in MOTUC

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    New Adventures NA Teela in MOTUC

    Havent seen anyone bring this varient up, although it not sure how they will explain this costume change, because by this time in the timeline, teela is already Battleground teela or the new soceress. Honestly, she looks more like an NA Shera then anything else, maybe they could spin it that way.

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    I may be in the minority, but I'd rather she be retconned into NA She-Ra since we know Teela's "destiny" is becoming The Sorceress, not a warrior.

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    I thought part of the point of Teela being the Sorceress is that she was the one to join combat and magic to make an even more powerful Sorceress?

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    I definitely want this version of Teela in MOTUC, but give us Crita, Mara and most of the POP characters first for girl power representation!
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    I'd take her-interested to know if she's as confined to Grayskull as her mother was...
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    I've only seen the first collection, I have not had the pleasure of seeing this episode, in my memory serves.

    I dont really think I want many variants as it is, I'm a "Definative" version kind of guy.

    But I didnt think I'd want BLonde Bikini Teela, but I was all about Battleground Teela when I saw her.

    Still dont know how she fits exactly, but she's great.

    This one could be cool too

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    Hair-wise, this variant would give Teela a natural progression. She's now blonde, so all she needs to do is get changed and grow her hair...

    ...and ta-da! You've got yourself an NA Teela...
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    Thanks for bringing this thread to my attention so I can add it to the MOTUC Index, facet! I could have sworn there WAS an NA Teela thread. We discussed her so many times, but it must have been other character threads and not her own.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpia View Post
    Hair-wise, this variant would give Teela a natural progression. She's now blonde, so all she needs to do is get changed and grow her hair...

    ...and ta-da! You've got yourself an NA Teela...
    That's a great idea! I'd love to have a NA Teela simply because it would be a new figure and a possibility to update the 2.0 buck. The fact that it kinda slides into the blonde Teela era is an added bonus. Make it so.
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    Personally I think NA Teela could end up looking really plain as a figure. I still want to see her at some point, but I think it might make the figure better looking if her armour had some of same pattern that figures like regular Teela or the Goddess have, especially on the wrist guards. Not so sure a straight replica of the big leaf thing for her armour though since that might be a bit too big, maybe something more along the lines of what's on the front of She-Ra's top half (the flowery pattern). Plus I think Teela should always be a redhead (or at least auburn), but I believe this figure should be blonde like in the cartoon.

    I think if they do a significantly new bio for this figure (if it comes) then I'd like it to be along the lines of suggesting she either turned down being the new Sorceress of Grayskull in favour of choosing her own destiny or at least emphasised that she's still pretty much a warrior and actively fights alongside the other Masters as a battle mage (with either version I'd still like it to acknowledge she has some magical powers now).

    Also I don't want to see anything like the sort of granny knickers that the Star Sisters have. I hope they fix that problem for future female figures.
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    New Adventures Teela

    Name: NA Teela
    Poll#: 17
    Appearance: Episode 35 "Once Upon A Time"

    New Adventures Teela and He-Slave are my two wishlist figures from the New Adventures Cartoon. No doubt the Four Horsemen would do an amazing job sculpting her figure, along with her sword accessory, so that her classic sci-fi look fits right in with the fans' collections of space mutants and guardians. While they're at it, Mattel can package her with He-Slave's sword and armor! She'd make a great chase figure or convention exclusive. Give her your vote in Poll #17 and show your support!

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    I'm down for her. One of the few memorible and WTF moments from New Adventures worth remembering. Don't think she needs to be chase figure status though. I also wonder if she was originally suppose to be New Adventures She-Ra.

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    NA Teela would be a nice addition! Count me in!

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    Definitely a very wanted figure for me. I'd be all about this!
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    A BIG yes from me! I always loved NA Teela, but believe whomever designed her thought She-Ra was Teela.

    Here are some cool fan art pics of her:

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    NA Teela?

    I got my NA Skeletor yesterday. I made a New Adventures shelf. He-Man, Flipshot, Hydron, Photog, Strobo are battling it out against Skelly, Optikk, Flogg, Slush Head and Karatti.

    I am very excited about the up coming NA She-Ra figure later this year.

    I was wondering, will we get a NA Teela as she appeared in the NA episode "Once Upon A Time"?

    I know Mara is coming. I know nothing about that character. Was she a love interest for He-MAn? I kinda got that vibe from the episode "Once Upon a Time".

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    As far I as I know Photog, Strobo are not NA figures, please correct me if Im wrong.
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    I've wanted a NA Teela for a long time.

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