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Thread: MOTUC NA Polls - Kayo/Tatarus

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    MOTUC NA Polls - Kayo/Tatarus

    Which colour scheme do you want Kayo/Tatarus to have in MOTUC?

    The bare arm version from the vintage toy, cartoon and mini-comics:


    The covered arm version from the concept art, UK/German comics and annual :

    I've seen people on the boards call the bare arm version 'wife beater Kayo' or 'Bruce Willis Kayo' and I must admit I prefer him with covered arms as opposed to the vest look.

    Interestingly I did find this one shot from the credits of the cartoon that shows him with covered arms, I'm not sure if this was intentional or an animation error as all of his other appearances in the cartoon had bare arms:

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    Bare arms for me! Take us to the gun show!
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    Naked arms for me too,I' ve always think of him like a half cyborg warrior !

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    I voted bare arms, but I would be fine if they were covered. Can't wait for Kayo!
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    I'll vote bare arms-I'm interested in seeing how cool he looks after the Horsemen do him! More Galactic Protectors!
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    Wife Beater TATARUS for me! ICARIUS already has blue sleeves and pants. I'd like my Galactic Guardians (mine are not Protectors) to have a varied look , and since if they do him and NA HE-MAN, we'll have three Guardians with blue pants, we should have as much variety above the waist as possible. And if they make him look like Bruce Willis (like the Val Kilmer ICARIUS), I'll be very happy!!!
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    covered. I dont even care about him, but I think the covered arms would help tie/blend him with the rest of the Galactic Protectors.

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    Even though either version's fine with me, the bare arms is indeed very MOTU-esque, IMO!

    Even though, he looks like his just wearing his undershirt.
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    Bare arms, Jetlag cartoon style please.

    After all the bashing Kayo has received and us repeatedly being told he isn't gonna be released, I'd love for him to be a surprise a'la Spirit of Hordak.
    I really want this figure.
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