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Thread: Mattel Prototype Series

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    Mattel Prototype Series

    This is an idea I carry along with me for a long time ... I'd love to see a Matty line providing prototypes for various Mattel toylines. No action features, just articulated in the look of the original vintage line.

    MOTU: He-Ro, Eldor, Strobo, Snake-Trooper, Evil Robot
    NA: Mara, Darius, Galactymites, Gleanons, Kayo, Crystoll
    Bravestarr: the whole 2nd wave (JB, Dingo Dan, Rampage, Longarm (whas that his name))
    MOTU 200X: King G. ... ?

    Who else? (those are the lines I colleced as a kid but there mus be more in the Mattel archives).


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    It would have been great if Mattel released all those back then. Disappointing, isn't it?
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