Do the New Adventures have a Greek mythology connection or is it just a coincidence?

Icarius, the original and International name for Flipshot, with his flying abilities is clearly a reference to Icarus, son of Daedalus who flew to close to the sun. Though coincidently there are actually two characters in Greek Myth with the name Icarius, see this thread:

Tatarus, the International and presumably the original name for Kayo, I've always though this was a reference to Tartarus, the lowest level of the underworld in Geek mythology.

Sagitar, who is clearly based on a Centaur and can only be a reference to Sagittarius, a Centaur in Geek mythology, immortalized in a constellation of the same name.

Darius, leader of the Galactic Guardians and Master of Weapons, is this a reference to Darius the Persian king who invaded ancient Greece.

Ok that last one might actually be a coincidence but I'm positive my first three examples are inspired by their Greek mythological counterparts.

Does anybody have any information this?
Is there any thing in the Power and Honour book about it (I'm not sure if there's any NA in the Power and Honour book at all)?