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Thread: Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 068 Discussion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zodak74 View Post
    See, I just have a really hard time believing that. People really want to demonize this guy as some sort of ego-crazed fan-hater who just wants to get his way, no matter what the cost. Maybe he is, I don't know him at all personally. But sometimes I read comments like that and can't help but think "Seriously?"
    I had nothing against the guy until I started reading his post and kept coming off as someone 'less than professional' - I could go harsher but I could get banned

    I am pretty sure that much of the negativity against Scott is mostly sparked by his very own attitude.

    Anyways, I have a hard time thinking of Spector as anything more than a personal ego trip for the Brand Manager using his position to make it happen regardless of what other people think or want. That alone speaks a lot about the attitude of the man.
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