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Thread: Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 068 Discussion!

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    I also get the feeling that this 30th line isn't the right thing for a 30th anniversary. It doesn't honor the roots of MOTU. I expected something special for He-Man & Skeletor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berserker79 View Post
    I also get the feeling that this 30th line isn't the right thing for a 30th anniversary. It doesn't honor the roots of MOTU. I expected something special for He-Man & Skeletor!
    Brand new allies and new enemies since 1989 aren't exciting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Bow has Spector beat. Bow's heart symbol was under so much scrutiny that it's switchable on the figure.
    True. Why not reuse that same idea for Spector?

    Quote Originally Posted by Skystalker View Post
    This is one of the reasons I maintain that if Spector had been released as one of the later figures in the 1980s, he would be accepted today. Perhaps with not as many fans, but he would be accepted. Unless I am mistaken, the fandom in general accepts designs like Rotar and Twistoid, as well as the Meteorbs.
    Disagree. Many figures and designs from the vintage line are tolerated more than they are accepted.

    I know every figure is someone's favorite (except the Meteorbs, highly doubtful there) so respect to that, but all the same there are reasons why certain characters stay at the fringes. And in the case of MotU, it's usually reserved for those that don't "feel" as MotU-ish as the others. I know MotU is hodgepodge-ish, but it's not THAT hodgepodge-ish. Spector himself instantly disproves any notions of true "anything goes" regarding MotU's design vocabulary.

    Also, as a side-note, a strange thing has happened where once the fan community was quick to bust on characters like Snout Spout now that we're adults and see things a little more objectively and have more refined taste. But recently there's been this sort of "reclaiming the cheesiness" movement, almost so that non-fans don't have as much power when they talk crap on the 'lesser' MotU designs. What's that all about?

    I just think it really strange, and contrary to why everyone was so excited about the Staction version of Snout Spout, for example. It wasn't a faux-victory, but actually defeatist "Yeah, he's goofy . . . but he's OUR goofy!!" attitude, it was digging deep to see the true coolness lurking, which likely just go lost in translation all those years ago. (Which if you see the early designs for Snouty, you'll see that was the case!) I mean, do we want cool figures or don't we? I'm confused.

    How this applies to Spector? Well if there's a cool MotU design lurking in there somewhere, I have yet to see it!

    At the end of the day, however, I'm sure he thought the figure would go over well, or at least that it would not have created such an outcry.
    The problem there IMO is that historically, Scott has never really been receptive of fan criticism.
    He's usually fairly dismissive of any concerns from an artistic or creative perspective.
    Saying things like "You can't please everyone" or "vocal minority" or "the internet always has naysayers" or whatever.

    So it's not at all a given that he weighed public reception in any way comparable to the glory of getting it made.

    Quote Originally Posted by krosfyah View Post
    Scott himself said "I just thought it looked cool" and he admitted that was one thing he insisted stayed, inferring that the professional designers tried to convince him to change it.
    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    Had he allowed some changes by Professional Designers, maybe Spector would have been liked a bit better.
    Which IMO displays even more unfairness with regard to Spector. Why can't the 4H just shove their figures through the design process without them getting picked apart, subject to the almighty "upper management" graces, and so on? They can't do it, because for better or worse it has to be a collaborative process.

    So where was that kind of collaboration with regard to Spector?
    Still more favoritism, isn't it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
    I agree. Most of us only know him from the boards and I don't see how you can have 'personal' grudge against someone you have never encountered or spoken to in real life. The way I percieve TG is based entirely on what he says on this forum or on Mattycollector.
    Totally right, 100%.

    Who wants to be a suit like Scott ? Not even Scott himself, gathering from his attempts to get involved on the creative side.
    Excellent point!

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    Man listening to Val's ideas about the spector figure was right on point. I loved the 30'th anniv. original fig 5 pack or whatever it was woulda been great.

    & im exact with Val on the Star Sisters.

    Off the subject i want all the OG's
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