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Thread: WTB loose ~C9 complete figures + minis

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    WTB loose ~C9 complete figures + minis

    Hello and happy 2012!!

    I'm remaking cards and cases thanks to AdultCollector (not completely accurate but it's for my personal enjoyment anyway).

    However, my vintage figures indeed look old, I always looked after my toys but after all those years, albeit complete, my collection looks "straight after battle" with loose legs, slight paint faint, bent weapons and black-spotted (mold?) PVC parts.

    Therefore I am looking to collect each MOTU figure loose in C9 condition, complete and with better looking mini comics, as mine are torn and taped. eBay doesn't seem to show many interesting pieces, as they state C8.5 while it's clearly C7.

    I accept PayPal and I live in London, UK (returning home on 8 Jan 2012). Only one figure of each character, no multiples. No big lots, I want to build this collection in a normal pace, similar to when I bought them back in the eighties!

    I offer about $20-35 per figure, depending on rarity and comics. I will soon make an edit (list) for wanted and found figures.

    Edit: Please no commemoratives, I got them and while the quality of the plastics is very high, retooled molds and lazy paint jobs are unforgivable.

    Best wishes,
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